Sunday , January 17 2021

They originate from Africa. The size of the rabbit and its skin is strong enough to poison a human

According to a new study published in the journal Mammalogy, rabbit-sized mice with enough venom to kill an elephant have emerged in East Africa. These mice were reported not to be hostile, although they contained a poison strong enough to kill even a few milligrams of a person immediately.

According to news in CHIPThe African Crested Rat (Lophiomys imhausi), which has appeared in Africa, amazes those who see it. These mice are also known as the only known mammal that collects plant venom as a chemical defense agent. His fur contains poison, a few milligrams of which is strong enough to kill a person immediately.


Although the article is still new, people living in East Africa have long suspected that rats are “armed” and dangerous. In 2011, the first study on the unusual properties of crested rats suggested that toxins were collected from a poisonous arrow tree (Acokanthera schimperi) that people used to hunt because it is rich in highly toxic cardenolides. When threatened, these rats are said to sting and lick the feathers on their backs and turn them into poisonous weapons. This early research confirmed individual behavior, but often the behavior among rat rats was still unclear.


In the study, 25 mice were examined and their behavior was observed for 1000 hours. At the end of these observations, the scientists revealed that the mice were collecting Acokanthera toxin and had a very complicated social life.

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