Wednesday , May 12 2021

The third dose of Covid-19 vaccine posted on social media

30 years old Ian Haydon,, Voluntarily try Covid-19 one of these. 45 people andHaydon, who participated in the first trial, finally participated in the test group for the third dose of vaccination, which consisted of 60 participants.

Haydon, who participated in one of the first attempts to vaccinate against Covid-19, which began with only 45 people, was regularly bled last year as part of a study. However, to find out more about whether he has long-term immunity, he had to wait for the study results to be published.

Haydon has recently had about three Covid-19 vaccines. Elite group of 60 participants took place in Ljubljana.


Insider’a I’m talking Haydon, “The first overdose went completely smoothly. The next day my hands hurt at the injection site and then I remember it passed quickly he said.

Haydon said the second vaccination is different. “I experienced a similar pain in my arm that started more suddenly than last time and the shaking started about 12 hours after the vaccination. I had a high midnight fever. I went to the emergency room and after two hours I started to feel so much better he spoke.

However, Haydon said that when he woke up in the middle of the next day, he was still sick, saying:

“After a short time at home, I vomited and fainted. But I didn’t go to the emergency room. That night my temperature dropped, my headache and nausea decreased. When I woke up the next day, I was completely healed.

Even after a tough 24 hours, Haydon, that you are not sorry that you participated in the research expressed.


The group conducting the Phase 1 studies merged with Haydon three months ago. Researchers investigated possible reinforcement safety. For them, participants in early experiments were their best option for long-term study.

Haydon listed the two questions studied by the researchers as follows:

  • Is it safe to take supplements?
  • What is the effect of obtaining a slightly modified version of the vaccine?

Haydon, currently in use From 25 micrograms of Moderna vaccine and first seen in South Africa B.1.351 variant customized 25 micrograms is from a new vaccineHe received an experimental amplifier.


Haydon, about one year after the first dose He received his third vaccine on April 1st. This time, the vaccine response was not as severe as the side effects with the other vaccine, Haydon reported.

In addition to some pain in his hands on the day he was given the booster vaccine, he had fever, nausea, pain, and fatigue that lasted until the next day. Again, about 24 hours of side effects passed.

Haydon said people who followed his story on social media were surprised by the level of engagement. One scientific communicator In fact, especially when it comes to vaccine development, more people are paying attention to science news found he noticed.

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