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The end of the day on the markets – Bloomberg HT

The BIST 100 index increased by 235.72 points and closed at 102,432.29 points in Borsa Istanbul.

The BIST 100 index increased by 101.64 points and 0.10 percent with 102,298.21 points. In the first half of the day, the index closed the permanent part of the auction by 405.88 points and by 0.40 percent to 102,602.45 points. The lowest was 102,009.57 points, the highest being 102,785.75 points in the index, the day before the previous closing value of 0.23 percent, which is 102,432.29 points.

After the previous conclusion, the index fell by 0.08 percent, the industrial index, 0.74 percent, the technology index and 0.92 percent of the index of services, 0.06 percent.

The BIST 30 index increased by 221.85 points and 0.17 percent compared to the previous closing and ended at 128,627.08 points. Of the 516 shares traded, 239 made premiums, while 129 of them were reduced. Today, the most traded shares are Turkish Airlines, Garanti Bank, Kardemir (D), Akbank and Petkim.

Gold on gold 1,295.85 dollars

Gold is traded on international markets at $ 1,295.85 from 18.20.

The price of the standard gold price at the Borsa İstanbul Gold Exchange amounted to 228 thousand tolars, which is 0.76 percent less than in the previous period.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), the effective interest rate used in today's dollars is 5.4579 pounds, as predicted for the sale of 5,4798 pounds. CBRT has determined the previous effective exchange rate of 5.4485 TL, 5.4703 TL for sale.

The bond yield on 12 August 2020, which was traded on the final purchases and sales markets of bonds and bills of Borsa İstanbul, was realized with 18.21% and the return on total return 19.04%.

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