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The effect of Hall effect on the surprised graphene


In the world of science, the so-called Hall effect, which has been said to be true for many years, has shown that it does not show the same behavior for all materials. The Holo effect used in the construction of sensors that are not affected by environmental conditions can be reassessed with respect to new data.

In order for the idea to be accepted in the world of science, all long-term studies and experiments must be proved by it. After the success of all the successes of the theory accepted by everyone, this information is added to the new ones. In this way, science finds an opportunity to enter our life by meeting technology.

The "Hall effect" theory, discovered almost a century ago, was adopted by the scientific community in the same way and is now used in the production of many sensors. According to a recent report published in Science magazine, Hall Effect has lost its universality in the light of new data.


Scientists have achieved waterproofing of graphene

According to a study at the University of Manchester, the interaction of electrons in the room at room temperature has a significant effect on fluidity. According to researchers, this could have various effects on the production of electronic devices. Scientists who carried out the study explained that they have non-behavioral behavior due to collisions of solid electrons, which were so far unnoticed because it is very difficult to observe.


He developed a cutting method to simplify the production of graphene

Scientists have said they need a clean and clean substance to perform work and observe electronic interaction. That is why they chose the graphic structure of the carbon atom, one of the most interesting elements in the periodic table. The substance, which was exposed to magnetic field and high tension during experiments, showed behavior that was very different from Hall's known effect.

The fact that the electrons showed ill-willed behavior in substances called graphene, which were quite small, were described by researchers as "a situation that is not mentioned in the books of physics". According to the data obtained from the study, it was emphasized that special attention should be paid to the use of graphene material in the production of sensors and electronic devices.