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News for Bitcoin (BTC)

Market analyst: ip The future of crypto coins is bright

The market analyst began to assess the future price of Bitcoin on a weekly basis. In a recent interview with Forbes, Daniel Ameduri, a millionaire and president of Future Money Trends LLC, said Bitcoin's highly speculative structure and limited supply over the next five years could raise Bitcoin's price to $ 100,000. Daniel Ameduri adds in his remarks:

When I met for the first time, Bitcoin was raised to $ 1. This is the first thing that attracted me to the sector. In 2011, I went to a crypto conference and there were probably 300 people there. Nobody tried to make money. They just wanted to create this crypto-money to be an exceptional alternative to Sadece's financial markets

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Bitcoin Recommendations of Chinese billionaires to investors

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Daniel Ameduri: bin Bitcoin will be $ 100,000

Daniel Ameduri continues with his comments when he says Bitcoin will be $ 100,000:

The building is under construction, for the industry everything is very early. There is a situation similar to the Internet. But I see the future of Bitcoin for the next five years 17 Because this crypt has only 17 million people in the money, and BTC has a lot of demand. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate the price because it is speculative, but it is possible that the BTC sells more than $ 100,000. Since only 17 million people work in the sector.

The announcement of Ameduria follows the remarkable appeal of Naeem Aslam, a major market analyst at ThinkMarkets, a very wealthy brokerage firm focused on forex, CFD, stock, crypto currency, commodities, indices and futures. According to the Aslam report, the BTC may in the long-term exceed $ 400,000 in case of a date it repeats.

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This level was a matter of death and death for Bitcoin

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Naeem Aslam: The BTC dollar can exceed $ 400,000

Naeem Aslam adds:

Investors buying at these levels usually maintain their previous target higher, so Bitcoin must be over $ 20,000. This is because the next bull race can push the price up to five times higher. Personally, I believe that every Bitcoin can go up to $ 400,000, and if history repeats, we will see these prices.

Analyzes TradingView Financial Survivalism predict, on the contrary, at least in the short term. At the beginning of this month, the dealer said that if BTC traded at $ 4,000 in Twitter, it would probably fall to $ 800.

Ethereum (ETH) news

The last weekly report, Ethereum, was released by ConsenSys. This release includes developer updates and news on a number of platforms based on the Ethereum program, including the Maker, 0x and Liquality products.

News on Ripple (XRP)

Ripple CTO introduces Blockchain

Ripple CTO David Schwartz wrote a new article. In this article, Schwartz describes Blockchain and analyzes what technology is good for. David Schwartz says:

The main advantage of Blockchain's design compared to previous models is that Blockchain's design allows each participant to do so to ensure that any change in system status follows the rules. This is an advantage of both security and design.

Advantages of Blockchains by David Schwartz

David Schwartz adds:

Ensuring such security in a system other than Blockchain is very difficult and costly. If a person tried to transfer this ability to transfer to a system that does not block, it would be the first thing if you actually turned it into Blockchain. One of the most important features of Blockchains is that this feature does not have central data repositories that need to be defended. None of the first five Blockchains in the last three years experienced any downtime except those resulting from security windows around changes to rules. Very few central services can say the same.

News for Litecoin (LTC)

The network of crypto money in Singapore Coinut gave an overview of Litecoin's efforts to conduct confidential business, why technology is and why it is so important for the future of the crypto currency. Here you can see descriptions.

News on Star Lumens (XLM)

In a new video, IBM's chairman Blockchain, Jesse Lund, explained why the technology giant decided to use Stellar for the new World Wire wire transfer platform. IBM said that six banks signed an agreement to export their own stable coins in World Wire.

TRON (TRX) news

TRON's file sharing platform BitTorrent analyzes a wide range of potential new features. According to a new survey, the project explores a new way to enable the integration of social media, gambling, retail services and people in order to capture the BitTorrent Token (BTT).

News about Cardana (ADA)

Charles Founder Charles Hoskinson published an update from Africa. Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano IOHK, is headquartered in Ethiopia, where he studied. Cardano creates a project that does not know the platform.

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