Serel Yereli rebellion: why are all Turkish?


Serel Yereli, who started music in acting career, went to England in recent months to study. Yereli shares his activities here, Yereli, the social media account on his professional choice of the companion reacted to the division.


In a message that the message of Turkish followers that they can not succeed in England, Yereli asked people to stay away from him. A 22-year-old actress, "Why do all people who say that I can not reach somewhere? I wonder why this is trying to pull down? I go very well, brothers. For the sake of God, keep your negative energies and missing complexes from me and you like you.


Serel Yereli, who played a rich but unhappy daughter of the event, went abroad after collecting luggage. So much so that he stopped working until the day he announced his paparazzi. Serel Yereli exhibited at friends in Nisantasi: "You do not have to shoot again.


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