Second, he had an operational phobia! "I will give you my heart!"


Kerim Koru, who was diagnosed with liver failure for 3 months after his birth in Izmir and was treated for 4 months, has been transformed by the transmission of her mother's liver tissue. A five-year-old couple Koray-Halima Emekci, who lived in the Narlıdere district of Izmir, were born in August last year to their children named Kerim Koru. After the birth of a jaundice, a baby, a jaundice, a University of Health Sciences. Hospital for Training and Research on Children's Health and Surgery Behçet Uz.


According to the news in AA, doctors at the age of 3 months did not develop the birth of the bile ducts in the control of the baby and consequently found that there was a cirrhosis. The child was sent to the Children's Hospital of the University of Ege (E).

Department for transplantation of liver transplant organs An official of the hospital who examines the child. Dr. Murat Zeytunlu and Department of Pediatric Surgery professor. Dr. Hurricane Ergun, weight was not suitable for transplantation, medications were given to the child.


Mother of the child's blood type, which determines the same and decided to perform a transplant from her mother, the baby reached 6 kilograms after the surgery, Kerim Koru's life.

"I lost my device"

Worker Anne Halima said in a statement that her child with a diagnosis of liver failure was very upset when diagnosed, he lived for fear of losing a long time, he said. Laborer said that the transplant was on the agenda when his wife was most desperate. when I learned that I do not think and I'm not afraid of my baby before I gave the liver.

"I went to know that you were good"

Halime Emekts, doctors first asked doctors when she came out of transplant surgery, "good" when you got the news that you can not control tears, he said. The worker said, "Give your children heart", nothing more than that. My health workers also have great efforts for the health of my son. he said.


Father Koray Laborer said that his wife sacrificed for her child to live: "My husband is the hero of my son, I am also a savior. He first gave birth to my son and then his second life with the liver.


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