Thursday , July 29 2021

Prices of gold | How long was the quarterly gold and grams of gold? Current prices İşte

Gold prices have been going on for some time. When gold prices began to fall, they began to search in grams of gold, a quarter of gold or a half of gold. You can find out the price of quarterly, gram and republican gold.


GRAM GOLD: Buy 221,87 TL Sale 221,93 TL

REEYREK ALTIN: Buy 353,61 TL Sale 361,59 TL

POLOVNICA: Buy 705,01 TL Sale 723,17 TL

CUMHURİYET ALTINI: Purchase 1.465,00 TL Sale 1.487,00 TL


Goldman Sachs increased the forecast for 2019 for the golden gold investor following the ups and downs of December.

Goldman Sachs increased its three, six and twelve-month projections for one ounce of gold from $ 1,250 to $ 1,325, $ 1,300 to $ 1375, and $ 1,350 to $ 1,425. Thus, the current gold price in the 12-month period is expected to increase by 10.7 percent.

Varlık Gold prices will increase, as demand for safe assets will increase, said economist at Goldman Sachs Jeffrey Currie. The same applies to central bank purchases as geopolitical tensions are rising and central banks will want to re-enter the gold market.

The slowdown in economic growth and concern about the insecurity of the Federal Reserve monetary policy have affected financial markets for several months. The risk of assets declined in 2018, while equity markets experienced the worst December since the Great Depression. According to Goldman, during this period, gold has increased by more than 4.0 percent since early December, which means the market has fallen behind. In December, SPDR Gold Equities (GLD) earned about 5.0 percent.

Du In the past few weeks, we have seen a significant reduction in risk sensitivity due to weak macroeconomic data in December and expressed concern about the direction of growth and concern that the US economy is approaching weaker economies, said Currie.

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