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The President and the President of the AK Party, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, answered questions on the television channel.

President Erdoğan: "Do you have a recent survey on the latest research? Most of the polls do not trust the campaign process." Your sentence was pronounced. The next answer to the question:

"We do not carry out research, we do not do research work, we carry out research work. The pulse of our citizens follows much more than surveys on the market. How are you? When you ask these answers, you can breathe the pulse of this province, but some opinion polls are made to order, have different survey studies, there are social media, phone calls and personal surveys. You see that the options are very different, you can not run an election campaign if you fall in love with them. There is no air of old electoral campaigns at the moment, this is the ideal language for the markets They believe you believe they are coming there, but there are also complaints, there are places where they are bored, 1,600,600 people come to this market who value the leaders of Cumhur. We can also say that our team with our friends, to determine the candidates, maybe it did not reach 100 percent. As I am now the leader of my client, Mr Bahceli has already overturned the previous mistakes in determining our candidates as leaders But in the next process, inspired by a reduction in the number of these errors, a much more qualified, high-quality, this service can take our friends for our candidate, and now we are entering these elections.


CHP Municipality of Ankara Presidential candidate Mansur Yavaş "10 points of difference." Erdogan also rated the discourse:

Burada The hungry chicken thought that there was a mansion called Büyük Ankara. This friend is someone like that. P was once a mayor in a metropolitan city, like Ankara, where he was the mayor. There is no such horizon, he lost two elections. He has now handed over CHP again. Why did he suggest? The reason is that Mr Kemal does not want to lose his place for anyone. In this quadruple mechanism, SPTE, this is the roof, this is the roof, next to it is the HDP, and there is a good customer, and the customer is Saadet. . "

"Our team is not composed with him"

President Erdoğan said that their situation was not so, he continued:

"The MHP and the AK party are coming together. Our candidate is not compared with his identity, personality and power once." Our candidate has five urban municipalities in the provinces of Kayseri, and then I took him to Ankara, the Ministry of the Environment and Urban Planning, the Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of the Environment and Urban Planning, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Minister of the Environment and Urban Planning, Minister of the Environment and Urban Planning. As Vice President I gave him the task of being responsible for local governments, Mehmet Bey has a special function: Mehmet Bey is as honest as the elephant and is a fake. This is the situation. It is not clear what will happen before the elections or after the elections. Ankara is now in a state of uncertainty.


Asked what would happen if Slow was chosen, Erdogan said: t

When taking into account the legal situation, it is necessary to decide on the decision of the judiciary after the elections, which will continue and will not continue in this way. "For many days on television everywhere … It's also a man, a slow, tax-avoiding tax. I also have this now, which is currently in the records of the Ministry of Finance. It may be the mayor's candidate. This policy is not implemented, you will say, but you will do a human being who is a fake and it works – can there be something like that? Mr Kemal can not give this bill now. These 2.5 million convicts, according to whom Mr Kemal is looking at "Anyway, he will not come out of my pocket." MEPs have set up a charity fund, they pay five thousand pounds, then they will pay money there, then we will pay the money and we will pay the money to the Mehmetçik Foundation. "

Erdogan said that the Election Committee should look at this work in a very different way in the future: "I do not believe that the GBT system works properly. The GBT system needs to work much more precisely." he said.


"We can not allow these countries to be terrorized by terrorists, but we will stand by them," Erdogan said. he said.

Erdogan said that the absence of HDP candidate in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir is important,

"Why HDP in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir is not a candidate? Manidar. So CHP, all hope was connected here."


President Erdoğan said that 27 members of the PKK terrorist organization were identified in CHP lists in only 14 districts in Izmir, 19 of which are directly linked to mountain personnel. This is very surprising. "terms used.


Erdogan, New Zealand City of Christchurch, on March 15 in two mosques during Friday's prayer and 50 people killed in a terrorist attack on death, "A single terrorist act, not a terrorist act". he said.

As regards the statements made by CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu on the terrorist attack in New Zealand, he made the following statements:

"You can not say" terror originating in the Islamic world ", friend, know your borders. Then you have to question yourself."

"ADNI MUZEJ, not as a mosque."

Sophia asked Erdogan whether the citizens of the Republic of Turkey are not free, he replied:

"It's not an abnormal offer, this can not happen, it will not happen, it can be easy, we can even stand on it, not on the museum, but on the Hagia Sophia Mosque." How do tourists come to the Blue Mosque? in the Blue Mosque, the Suleymaniye Mosque, the Fatih Mosque and the same things in Hagia Sophia. This step is changing. "

We note that there are expectations for a reduction in wages for serving a military term, said Erdogan, ük El insaf, you know how much it will be spent on this price. As far as the TL is concerned, he will pay the money, and whether he is or not, there will be no such situation. " he said.


Turkey during this period, which shows that the new political formation, but not the need to give a strong partnership with the struggle for survival, Erdogan continued his speech as follows:

"Our friends who have put our case on the seat not to serve our people. It's not a problem, those who do not have this understanding can not walk on the road, the way out of the way, as they are forced to set the path for wasting time."

Erdogan, early retirement, "This early retirement, which challenges the opposition, opposes. If we love our people, why is it called early retirement?" terms used.


The second issue, which draws attention to early retirement, said:

"Demirel died due to a mistake. The retirement of a few people in this country came to early retirement. Given that the 38 year old person is offensive, insulting and treasured by this country because this person is 38 years old, what will he do? What will he do? He will go and find the job in one place, he will receive a salary, he will work with two wages. If patriots, if we are patriots, what do we call early retirement for our people, what is called early retirement? , it's getting bigger, it'll work there, instead of staying inactive.

Erdogan stressed that "they have received support from the opposition, and Turkey has in the past attracted many of these populist politicians. Turkey The social security system during the period when the director was in the swamp. Mr Kemal SSK general manager, our hospital state What is the situation in our hospitals? In our period, things that could have caused infection in the system were relatively corrected. In the past, no experience was made, we should look at this. I would . he said.

"We look at the eyes of people who make MANIPULATION"

Regarding the exchange rate mobility, Erdoğan said: t

Nok We are striving for banks that deal with these selection choices, we do not look at the age of their eyes. The BRSA step is now an example of this. Transferred BDDK.


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