Presidency, a global flu epidemic


The circular, published by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, contained instructions for preventing a pandemic and determining the work to be done during a pandemic.

In a circular published in the Official Journal, influenza viruses caused by influenza viruses, especially in the autumn and winter months, and seasonal influenza (flu) sometimes caused by the death of many people from time to time, it has been found that it can cause epidemics, called pandemic.

In the continuation of circular influenza-influenza viruses linked to the influenza virus, a new type of influenza virus can develop due to changes in the genetic structure and can quickly pass from human to human, which is important for people who have never been in contact with the new type of influenza virus, or who are susceptible to a pandemic part may appear with the influence of the above.

In the circular, the classification of the measures that public institutions and organizations must take against the possibility of such a pandemic that could affect the majority of the population is as follows:

Ministries and other public institutions and organizations will be prepared under the co-ordination of the Ministry of Health and will be published on the national Ulusal Pandemic Influenza preparation plan in the ​​plan describing the duties and responsibilities of the pandemic. regularly.
P The preparation and action plan of the pandemic influenza country is in line with the procedures and principles set out in the plan in order to determine the studies to be done during a pandemic and to reduce the impact of the pandemic in society.
The Secretariat will be administered by the Provincial Health Directorates.

In order to prevent disruption in the provision of services in the global influenza epidemic, preparatory work on a pandemic will be carried out in cooperation with the Provincial Health Directorates, and in addition to hospitals and treatment centers, additional services, units, fields, tools and materials will be planned. in the province for the provision of health services in public institutions.
In order to inform public institutions and organizations, the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Directorates of Health will organize informative and cooperative meetings in the provinces under the governorship of governors, followed by applications from the Ministry of Health.

The necessary measures will be taken in a manner that will not cause disruptions in public services during the pandemic, all types of applications that will be required by the Ministry of Health in the implementation of the national preparatory plan for pandemic influenza pandemics and the preparation and action plan for the pandemic influenza Hazırlık. All public Institutions and organizations of Katkı immediately provide contributions and support


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