Predicting Bitcoin's price from Famous Asset Manager

[ad_1] – Tyler Jenks, chairman of Lucid Investments, says Bitcoin could fall to $ 4,200 in the near future, which would mean a $ 1,000 loss. Jenks says:

I did not comment on Bitcoin because we left the resistance area of ​​$ 4,000-4,200. I think that we will return to this area and will not be based on these values. New low levels are coming. The target is $ 1000.


At the price of Bitcoin, which shows signs of withdrawal on April 11, Jenks' prediction appeared.

In the last 24 hours, Bitcone's price has fallen below $ 5,000 with the highest value of 2019, $ 5,400. However, many analysts remain cautiously optimistic about the trend of the prevailing crypto currency.

Monthly basis, Bitcoin 30%

Since March 12, Bitcoin's price has increased by 30 percent over the last 30 days compared to the US dollar, with a strong momentum.

According to Josh Rager, a technical analyst, each asset could be vulnerable to withdrawal after a 30% price increase.

In addition, the Bitcoin accumulation phase, which is the period during which investors began to buy the crypto currency after the 16-month market, stressed that the accumulation phase could last longer than the expectations of investors.

According to Rager, Bit BTC will notice some side shifts over the next few weeks until Bitcoin CME Futures ends on April 26th. But this is just a script and a temporary situation. This accumulation cycle can take much longer than most people think, says Bu.

In the last few hours, Bitcoin has already risen over $ 5,000 and shows short-term corrective signals after a 5% drop in value.

Generally considered the Dip level

In the crypto currency sector, both technical investors and strategists are often convinced that Bitcoin is now building at the bottom.

Multicoin Capital's general partner, Vinny Lingham, says that the BTC must exceed a $ 6,200 higher level of resistance to confirm that the bull race begins.

Lingham said: If we break $ 6200 for the BTC, this means the beginning of the second big battle, but it can be hot and high, but if pure speculation and other resources are disproportionately beneficial for the value generated, it's probably not the end. "Right. geliş will be informed of the development at the last minute Twitterob follows, Facebook as our site and telegram Join our channel!


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