Wednesday , January 27 2021

Oktay Kaynarca explained the remarkable action on the recording of Bandit No Ruler of the World

While increasing the number of epidemic measures in the corona virus series, Oktay Kaynarca, a bandit who will not rule the world, Hızır Çakırbeyli said special measures have been taken in the series. Kaynarca explained that a test is performed every day with tools imported from abroad and immediate results are obtained.

Actress Oktay Kaynarca was shown in Nişantaşı the day before with her close friend Sedef İybar.


Kaynarca said he needed some material for his house, and said he and his friend went shopping.


Oktay Kaynarca, who did not neglect answers to reporters ’questions, said special precautions for the corona virus were taken during the filming.


A player on the theme “We brought a special tool from abroad. It allows for immediate testing. We do a nose test every day. It gives immediate results.” he said.


Source: Habertürk

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