Lost Disney movie "Oswald" is found in Japan


It turned out that the cartoon has been an anime historian for 70 years in the store and is not aware that this is one of the seven missing films.

84-year-old historian Tasu┼či Vatanabe announced in his teens that he bought a wholesale dealer toys in Osaka for 500 yen (today's exchange rate of 23 TL) in Osaka.

A two-month short animation includes adventures leading to Mickey Mouse's predecessor, Lucky Rabbit Oswald.

Vatanabe, in a conversation with Asahi Shimbun, said that he realized the importance of the film following the book by veteran Disney animator David Bossert, written last year, in the book "Lucky Rabbit Oswald: In Search of Lost Disney Cartoon Ahi:

"As a former fan of Disney, I am very pleased with the role I have played here."

Lost Disney Oswald movie in Japan

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The Walt Disney archive confirmed that this cartoon is one of the Oswald's lost films.
Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created Oswald in 1927. Oswald was the first character in the Disney Studios series.

Altogether 27 cartoons of humanoid rabbits, Oswald, found themselves in the middle of a fight for copyright, and in 1928, Universal Studios became the owner of justice.

After that, he began to work on the creation of a new main character, Mickey Mouse.

Oswald's rights to the world of Disney's director Bob Barber in 2006, brought by Disney, were brought to Disney.

"The best part of this story is that these films show that they are spreading around the world," said Jeff Stewart, an animation curator of the BFI, who spoke to the BBC.

"The story of films that spread to all parts of the world is almost as interesting as the film itself."


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