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"Liam Neeson kisses Violo so he can not be racist …"

Time is not a time for honesty. Liam is re-testing Neeson's case. The lynchist sensuality of the words that flow out of his mouth is spontaneously wrapped around the body, while the media and social media are attached to the actor.

The incident is as follows: The Independent discusses the subject of revenge in an interview about his new Cold Pursuit film. A story about the revenge of a father whose son was murdered. The actor in the role of father who calls the killer of his son tells the senselessness of the sense of revenge with the 40-year pattern of his past, when the object of revenge is deepening. She says she asked if she knew the attacker first. And in Neeson's words, "this primitive motive" betrays his color as an "invader." When he finds out that the perpetrator is black, the stick is wandering through these adias of colored neighborhoods, "a week or so; It's a shame to tell me, but they call me, the ilekil gets out of the black club, gets in touch with me and kills me, "he admitted.

Then, because of his behavior, he started to threaten and said that he learned lessons from the hostile climate of Northern Ireland; In the period known as The Troubles, there are ethnic / nationalist conflicts between the Catholic minority and Protestants who grew up in Northern Ireland at The Troubles. I've seen people who died of a hunger strike. I learned this revenge with this experience. But revenge, more revenge, and death bring more death. Northern Ireland is proof of this


Conflicts between Irish Catholic nationalists and Protestants supporting Northern Ireland's commitment to Britain have a 40-year history. In 1998, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the political wing of IRA Sinn Fein and other Catholic and Protestant parties in Northern Ireland reached an agreement in Belfast and buried the axis of traffic lights. But as Neeson said, in Northern Ireland, the culture of revenge continued as a way of life for many years. When the Catholic was killed, the Protestant was killed, the Protestant pub was bombarded and there was a blood feud in which the Catholics went to the bombing. If a friend was sexually assaulted, it is a climate that requires revenge in Bir's own hands

However, the reference to Liam Neeson's social isolation and violence was ignored. The media response of social media has declined. Some people wanted to remove the film "Men and Black", which will be released in June next year. Liam Neeson went to Good Morning America and explained to the priest that he had asked for help during the incident 40 years ago and that he was not a racist. This time, he came across and criticized because he did not apologize.

40 years ago, the words that today passed through his mind in the same words played the role of reactions. Dı I have to find the black p.ç sk words with my hands, so they dictate the media that Liam Neeson scandalous words y bir reflect in the media. Those who understand regret also described these words as pointless. The author of Guardian Gary Younge, which I must mention, emphasizes that black – Neeson asked the color of the skin, not the eye color, but is the basis of racism against black people in prejudice against a white woman, and this is not a problem in the past. Interview Liam Neeson is proof that blacks are still not treated as a perfect person

For those who want the player to be deleted from the sector, the most exaggerated point of lynching is the search for every black one, but not the efforts of Neeson's main rapist. So, if he finds a killer and kills him, that will not be a problem!


Liam Neeson also ordered those who defend. Whoopi Goldberg, for example, witnessed five women in The View when he said: "I've known her for years and was not racist. Some of them do not believe that Goldberg's testimony is valid. According to previous examples. Roman Polanski, accused of rape, is charged with Mel Gibson, who was sentenced to violent accusations against sexual violence against Bill Cosby and his ex-boyfriend.

Whoopi Goldberg from The ABC The The View defended Liam Neeson and left other women.

British football legend John Barnes, as a black channel Sky News in a way that defended the sound of Neeson. Neeson, who sincerely expresses his feelings about racism, is more useful to society than to those who hide them, and says that we should give him a medal instead of criticizing No. Barnes, who was considered racist in Newcastle and Liverpool, said he respects the player because he explains the truth and that there can be racial feelings in all of us. The King's Kingdom in the Empire Order (OBE) also gave the answer to the question to be taken back Barnes, "So let's also reduce the statues of Winston Churchill … He was a white racist and mass killer," he exploded.

Old footballerJohn Barnes, 55, says that those who sincerely express their racist impulses are more useful to society.

Against the fate. T

The most interesting proof that Neeson could not be racist came from Michelle Rodriguez. In the film "Widows", which also appeared as one of four widows, Liam showed that Neeson kissed Viola Davis with deep passion. Rodriguez said that the racists can not kiss the race they hate. He is not a racist, but a loving person. In response to this idea, those who commented that he even remembered Rodriguez how women's bodies were exploited in slavery.

When the widows were released in November last year, they talked about destroying racial and sexual taboos in Hollywood, about kissing you. At the beginning of the film, Viola Davis stated that on the stage of the scene she showed her spouse in bed: "I'm in bed with Liam Neeson. He's not a slave owner, I'm not a whore. We're just a fall in love. Bir This is something I have not seen before, Bir It was the first black actress who was nominated for three Academy Awards, and Oscar, as well as Emmy and Tony, the first black actress to win; The black figure on the screen is not forwarded to the political message. Useful material, not natural and ordinary person!

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