Last minute: Approaching 40 thousand, if you find 50 thousand …


Following the example of 153 measles cases in Rockland district, north of New York, children who were not vaccinated were not allowed to enter public places. In Turkey, not due to the recent death of measles, there was a record number of those who refused to vaccinate their children, it is increasing. According to the Ministry of Health, 97 percent in 2015, 98 percent in 2016, will fall to 96 percent in 2017.

40 thousand from 183

Member of the Advisory Committee for Immunization at the Ministry of Health and the Medical Faculty of the University of Hacettepe. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan said in 2011 that anti-bacterial treatment, which began with 183 people, is now approaching 40 thousand. Children vaccinated Ceyhan emphasized that the rejection of costs is high, "the 50,000 graft rejection burst may appear in Turkey," he said. The professor said that measles is a dangerous disease. Dr. Ceyhan, said:

I Last year, the number of measles cases reached 100. If vaccination rejection remains, this number is inevitable. 20 per cent of every 1,000 children with measles are at risk of death. People mix drug with medicines. If it affects the health of children, we do not consider it a freedom. Vaccinations for the children of all children who say they are not vaccinated are fully performed. Vaccination prevents the death of 3 million children and 25 infectious diseases. Vaccination gives the child 72 years. 750 million children are saved from being disabled

He was designated as a university medical school in Istanbul, the Department of Medical Microbiology, which he described anti-vaccination as Mycology Hatred against the Science of Aş. Dr. Selim Badur also said that Turkey's incentive should have measles outbreaks in the United States. He recalled that the vaccine vaccine was fired by British surgeon Andrew Wakefield in the UK in 1998. Cock's vaccine causes autism, and Israeli rhetoric is made up of nonsense and nonsense to disrupt the DNA of Muslims, Badur said. They do not have any vaccines imported from Israel, Turkey. France and Italy brought the need for 11 vaccines. Children who do not take these vaccines are not admitted to schools. In some parts of the United States, unvaccinated children are sent to isolated educational institutions. In the next days, our country has similar problems in the US. The number of unvaccinated families is increasing. Our children are at risk because of discourse on science

The formula is the same for every place

Secretary General of the Family Medicine Family Group in Istanbul Hamza Özdemir said that the vaccine safety has been repeatedly proven: "The number of vaccines that were used free of charge is 13 and easily accessible in the Family Health Centers. Vaccination is the result of misconceptions. Vaccine manufacturers must prepare formulas contained in vaccines, according to reports from the World Health Organization. The WHO is regularly reviewed by companies every two years. The contents of the vaccine are produced using the same formula for the whole world


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