Saturday , July 24 2021

Kükran Ovalı was not indifferent to anahana commentary

The actress Kukran Ovalı and her husband, Caner Erkin, shared the box on the social account and did not respond to the commentary by Anahan Gökbakar.

The wedding of Ovalı and Caner Erkin, a wonderful combination of art and sport, continues happily. A couple who crowned their model weddings with a child reveals their love with the shares they have created on their social media accounts. On the day we left behind, Ovalı also shared.

Kükran Ovalı made many comments on this frame, while her husband Caner Erkin shared his selfi in his account while he was watching. Responding to the emoji of their famous friends with Emojis again Ovalı, his colleague Sahan Gokbakar 'photos: "Victoria-David Becham" muddy "comments on the form did not remain indifferent and" Ah and another smile "gave an answer.

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