Hande Erçel's Makeup Without Hali has become a social media program


Hande Erçel was played without a make-up. There was a lot of talk about this version of the beautiful actress in the social media.


Erçel, who has lost his mother in recent months and has spent a lot of time trying to cope with himself, appeared outside the series in the magazine, almost stopped the screen. The magazine shoots and Maldives holidays for the good news that recovery is a good actress, without the make-ups they share with their followers on the social media bill.


The style of Hande Erèel's styles has been criticized by some of her followers. The companion who commented on the photo of Erçel: "The natural state is very beautiful. I do not think you need makeup." terms used. Another follower, "Hande Erçel, beauty makeup." commented.


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