Wednesday , January 27 2021

Fatih Terim gave the administration the names of three names

At the beginning of the season Galatasaray could not add the players that Fatih Terim wanted as the lead is slow. Although this caused a serious crisis, the emperor promised a transfer at a meeting with the administration. These names are also gradually showing up. The master gave the hint in a video he shared with his grandchildren from Instagram. He wrote the types of players he wanted suitable for his system. Salih Uçan gave the leadership the names Yaremchuk and Onyekuru.

Fatih Terim is uncomfortable because the task of preparing the game from behind is only over Taylan Antalyalı. An experienced teacher also has Salih Uçan here. This will ensure the subdivision of the field in the video from the middle of the pitch, and it will also have registers. Tired of the permanently injured Radamel Falcao and the unstable Mbaye Diagne, Terim wants Yaremchuk in the shooter. Thus, it will have a dominant center suitable for today’s football.

Fatih Terim also thinks of Henry Onyekur as wings for manipulating an opponent’s opponent. The emperor, who thinks the Nigerian footballer is seriously threatening rivals because of his speed, wants to meet him again in January. The fact that Onyekuru is on the field prevents the opponent from even attacking.

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