Communication with the confluence of Metin Türel – TRT Spor


Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Trabzonspor club with Turkey Soccer Coaches Association (TÜFAD) Text Turel death of the age of Turkish football, thus releasing our condolences to the message.


In a message published on the website of the Galatasaray Club, we were deeply saddened to learn that the death of our member of the world council Metin Türle, who has been wearing Galatasaray clothing for many years, has been working for several years as a technical man. We prayed for the grace of Allah and offered condolences to our dastardly family, relatives and Turkish football family. "He said in a statement.


The following statements were made in the club's message:

"1973-74 and 1980-81 years of the football team, technical director of the football team, Turkish football as a goalkeeper and technical man who served as a respected athlete for many years, deeply saddened by Metin Türel, and learned that he is a deceased. We extend our condolences to our beloved and football communities. "


In a message published by Fenerbahce, "Turkish football is expensive dear names of sportsman Metin Türel", lost in the life of sad learning. Grace to the deceased Metin Türel, gratitude to the family and relatives grateful, "he said.


In a message of co-existence published by the Trabzonspor club, it was with great sorrow that we learned that Metin Türel was one of the most valuable trainers of Turkish football in Trabzonspor in the 1987-1988 season. my condolences. "terms used.


In a communication published by TÜFAD, the following were recorded:

"We lost the leader of Turkish football, our great master, the mentor of professors, the chief counselor of Metin Türle. Our teacher who has been healthy for a long time died in a hospital where he was transported to this morning." We extend our condolences to the community. "

Adana Demirspor and Adanaspor sent a message of condolences

Death of Metina Türla due to the Toto League 1 sports team Adana Demirspor and Adanaspor published a message of condolence.

In a message published by the Adana Demirspor club, it was found that the death of Türlae had been learned with great sadness.

Message, "Adana Demirspor" the legendary mentor of the news about the death of our hearts With great mourning we learned Demerspor's and Turkish football to the great efforts of Metin Türel, God's mercy, our compassion for the community, our family and lovers, we want patience . " He said in a statement.

In a message published by Adanaspor, "the technical director of the former national team, Turkish football, dear sportsman Metin Türel, who was removed from the hospital, died in great sorrow when he learned that he was the deceased. to the deceased Metin Türl, his family, all lovers, and Izrazil condolences to the family of football. "he used the term.

At the Zincirlikuyu cemetery on Sunday (January 18, 2018), Metin Türel will be buried after a cemetery prayer after a half-day prayer in the Istanbul Levent Mosque.


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