Can Canua for football players: "Give this page worth it"


You can give Bart to the football players: "Give it a hand" – Photomac

Fenerbahce, the legendary athlete Can Bartu 'Ulker Stadium at the ceremony. At the ceremony, Bartu's daughter Gülfer Arığ told the derby at the end of the words of the players. Captain Volkan Demirel responded to these words in his speech …

At the Şükrü Saraçoğlu stadium for Fenerbahçe and the legendary Turkish legend Can Bart, a solemn ceremony was held.


The daughter of Can Bart Gülfer Arığ spoke at the ceremony.

Arığ; "There is not enough word for Bart to say. I would like to thank him for his love and compassion because he has made us alive. One day we will die, and Fenerbahçe will live …

At the end of his speech, Arığ returned to the players; "Tomorrow he will play in derbide; Mehmetçik Basri, Lefter, May be worth this page." he said.

Volkan Demirel, who came to the stage to say goodbye to Can Bart, promised his daughter Gülfer's daughter in the next words;



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