8 Spooky Truth About a giant black hole photographed


On April 10, 2019, scientists published the first photograph of the history of the black hole. This photo took the horizon of humanity's space technologies to the next level. So, what do we know about the photographed black hole?

Turkish astronomer Feryal Özel is among the team that has been working on a black hole for 20 years. Since its first scientific research, it has been engaged in scanning black holes. He personally describes his first photo with a black hole as one of the most important breakthroughs in his life.

Apart from Feryl Özel, many names have shown us that curiosity is not a frontier. It turned out that human beings saw 53 million light years as short-sightedness. Although we have such a defective view, scientific data always offer more.

What do we know about the black hole in the center of the photographed Messier 87 galaxy?

1. The object in this black dot that you see is 6.5 billion times heavier than the Sun:

We are talking about the density of bits in a very small area.


Why is the orange ring in the first black hole history?

2. This building is also 1000 times larger than a black hole in the center of the Roman road:

3. Below is the presentation of the Sun, the Pluto path and the position of our remote Voyager-1 vehicle as representative in the following figure:

According to the subject, which is 6.5 billion heavier than the Sun, the black hole is too small? There's already work here. Mass and volume are not the same. The black hole M87 is so dense that its body, which is 6.5 billion heavier than the Sun, is too low.

4. The M87 black hole rotates to about 3.5 million kilometers per hour:

The soft light we see in a fiery color is actually a mass of hot gas that revolves around a black hole. The speed of rotation of the mass is almost equal to the speed of light!

In addition, the mass constantly enters the black hole, and the materials around the black hole keep them constantly.


Why is the first black image of history so blurred?


Why is the orange ring in the first black hole history?

5. You can insert 5 solar systems into the adjacent dense surface of the disc:

The black globe in the middle is called a horizon of events. We do not know what happened in an environment called the Ard singularity.

6. Einstein showed that black holes have a round structure on paper, and his calculations could only be proved after a century:


How does the first photograph of the history of the black hole support Einstein's theory of relativity?

7. There is a Messier picture captured with a Hubble Space Telescope. This protuberance of the nebula originates from the center at almost the speed of light and reaches a length of 5000 light years. Depending on the kilometer, the bulge of the mist is about 47 square kilometers:

It should be noted that this information was achieved as a result of a 7-year work with the Hubble Space Telescope.


Breakthrough technology for the first photo of a black hole in history

8. Now stay tight. Messier 87 around the galaxy Including the Roman road More than 2000 galaxies:

The solar system, in which we are, is connected to the Roman road. The Milky Way is associated with Messier 87 with a friend of the 2000 galaxy. Messier 87 is connected to a huge group of Device with a 1300 galaxy cluster that has small galaxies. The Cluster Device is connected to the Super Başak Cluster, with about 2,000 galaxies.

In a nutshell, we are in a very crowded place! Think of the number of planets.


Scientist: Katie Bouman

Bonus: If you could travel at the speed of light, you would need 53 million years to reach this black hole:

Presentation image: Gargentua black hole with theoretical animations, Interstellar film, 2014.


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