Tuesday , March 2 2021

13 million people for the cause of the disease in Turkey, announced the US interested in migraine doctor!

“Allergy Solution – How Do We Get Sick, How Do We Treat It?” his work prepares to illuminate those who want to overcome their allergies in a natural way. Migraine, which reduces a person’s quality of daily life, is one of the most common brain disorders. About 13 million people in Turkey, indicating that Americans get migraines, affect less than 90 percent of the likelihood of an allergic dr. Leo Galland shared important information.

Turkish researchers have done the best work on this topic

As an example from the study, dr. He pointed to the relationship between migraine and “leaky gut syndrome,” Galland said. “Really an impressive topic. I would like to say that in my opinion, the best one on this issue is one of the studies conducted by Turkish researchers and published in Turkey. They studied food allergies. The stock is not in my power at the moment. Research yapılal already long, maybe 20-25 years.The blood is then started in a controlled way by people with migraines on a special diet or with some placebo diet depending on their blood tests.If your migraine problem is rooted in your childhood, it is 80-90% likely to trigger allergy. he spoke.

“Migraine is an indirect consequence of allergies”

He pointed out that the connection between leaking intestines and migraine is an interesting issue, dr. Galland said:

“This link was demonstrated by a German researcher who found that there was a delay of up to 48 hours between a child eating the food he was allergic to and developing a migraine. If it’s an allergic reaction, why did the migraine last so long? Food allergy has been found to cause changes in the gut. Inflammation caused by a food allergy made the intestines permeable. The intestinal wall that separates your body from the contents of the gut filled with bacteria, food, and various foreign substances is very well protected. You don’t want things in your gut to enter your body. When this boundary, this interface is pierced due to an allergic reaction, this phenomenon called permeable bowel occurs. This in itself is not a disease but a symptom of inflammation in the gut. Then toxic substances and chemicals in the gut escape into the body. It is these toxins that cause migraines. Migraine is an indirect consequence of allergies. This also explains the delay between eating and experiencing migraines. “

Medications used to treat heartburn increase food allergy

He pointed out that heartburn can sometimes be the result of an allergic reaction, dr. Galland, “According to research, drugs used to treat heartburn increase food allergy. And they do this by inhibiting the acid in the stomach. Because when you eat something that contains protein (most foods contain protein), the acid in the stomach solidifies the protein and triggers the process of digesting the protein. For example, if you boil this acid to get rid of heartburn, the protein that goes down into your small intestine is intact and not solid and is much more allergenic. In people with allergies, and especially those taking these heartburn medications, the level of allergic antibodies produced against certain foods they eat increases excessively. This is a complicated process because histamine increases the production of stomach acid. he said.


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