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General news Tuesday, November 17, 2018 00:00

Genetic projection of BIZGenes for the risk of developing cancer

If we can plan the future health of coding life from birth. We all look forward to good health in the future. Each person has different genetic codes. How can we ensure that our Code of Life will lead to good health as we need it?

BIZGenes under Business Alumni Limited recognizes the importance of genetic screening for cancer risk assessment. Prevention, management, risk reduction Health center. And help to find cancer before it's too late. At this press conference, "Short Film BiZGenes Your Code. Your Future." They talked to a doctor, led by prof. Dr. Vitaporn Vipakasit et al. Thiravat Virawan. With special guests, Opal-Panichara, Ariyasakul, Tee – Nantasai Pitsalayut, dr. Pimkwan Boonjitpimol, Bow – Thit Chayapitakkul, Tachachet Rojjot, Tata-Sakkaan, Kamol Uthaisri and Kwang-Darin Hansen under the title "Living for the future: Your future" …


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