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vmware predicts 5 technology trends in 2021 that organizations need to be prepared for

In the past year 2020, the planned situation will become invalid, and organizations are implementing rapid response plans to emergencies and setting new plans. Vmware predicts 5 technology trends 2021 that organizations need to be aware of. Resolving years of difficult circumstances

According to information, part of this comes from observations in 2020 and forecasts of the five most important technological trends in the company in 2021.

1. Technology Rob Become the first line of innovation

The amazing things happening with Edge technology became important in 2020. One example is how Asia’s leading bank, United Overseas Bank (UOB), has become one of the fastest. In Asean, Secure Virtual Desktop can install for a group of 3,000 IT developers in just 21 days, instead of three months. Many organizations in the region are investing in existing Edge technology. To tackle and create new things that would happen quickly In the coming year, we will continue to see investments focused on Edge technology.

Network reliability and performance directly affect the experience of employees and customers. This has led to the release of SD-WAN, which extends the scope of edge technology to the home office level, with simple solutions provided by SaaS (including hardware) that improve security and the user experience. Better wherever employees choose to work. And this will start the trend, as these solutions are common.

In addition, I expect more organizations to adopt the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution, as we will rely on applications and services through the infrastructure that are the result of the functionality of the introduced software and. Software Update Management To improve the traditional purchasing process, organizations will be able to further improve efficiency and security.

Edge technology is getting smarter with the ability to learn. Responsive and optimized in real time We also see new opportunities to connect infrastructure that reduce the number of special devices needed to meet technological requirements. This is an exciting development as it opens the door to a cost-effective solution that automatically improves safety and efficiency while reducing costs.

2. Decentralization of machine learning

We began to observe the adoption of federal machine learning (FML) in a wide variety of companies in all industries. Organizations are introducing innovative processes that enable organizations to make better use of data to promote decision-making while reaping the benefits of a commonly used prototype

With the ability to process anywhere, Federated Learning allows organizations to learn ML models using the datasets they have. Open source projects like FATE and Kubeflow are gaining attention. I expect the emergence of applications that are easy to use on these platforms to speed up acceptance.

From the continued adoption of ML in this region It is a catalyst to lead the entire solution to be developed for the needs of “All Users” These organizations will benefit from ML without large investments, creating data science teams – a challenge for the organization. Because there is still a shortage of data scientists at the moment

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3. Support for the renovation of the Workplace 2.0 project

With the coronavirus epidemic on Workplace 2.0, there is a lot of momentum, AR and VR are gaining attention. This is especially true for employee training, AR navigation (for example, to find a branch in an organization), and for online meetings. Although the adoption and application of this principle needs to be further encouraged in 2021, advances in technology can lead to more adoption of AR and VR. Company-level focus on security and user experience. And various device management solutions

In my opinion, the biggest gap for VR is that there is no VR support for Microsoft PowerPoint in the future, in other words. If I was able to quickly create 3D content that I could use in VR today, there is still no tool to quickly create rich 3D content in all dimensions that use panoramas. 360 degrees through VR, I hope this will be at the heart of AR and VR technology developers in the future.

4. Continuous development of real security and protection of information.

According to the VMware Carbon Black threat report for 2020 The frequency of cyber attacks is extremely high, with 76% of APJ security professionals facing an increasing number of attacks.

In 2021, investing in security technology is the first priority. Because both blackmail software and security on the edge are getting more and more attention. From past experience, extortion software attacks are not limited to databases. But even backups and backups Even the recovery system was compromised.

We need to change the way we protect systems and information. And re-examine the scope of backup and recovery early, traditional solutions that offer static protection and recovery are likely to face the same stagnation as in years of very

When it comes to cutting-edge technology, along with a growing number of decision-making technologies throughout the business direction – sometimes local and without an information-oriented system. These things have been creating challenges for a long time. Because smart devices and connected devices are being used quickly, traditional IT processes cannot keep up with them. While trying to properly implement the solution. However, we must also accept the fact that business requirements and agility can conflict.

Therefore, we need to consider open technologies that can be integrated with Edge technologies and enforce security policies that can be adapted to the available systems. Instead of arguing over control, the Security Chief should surrender to the level of chaos that exists. And turn to trigger new things by tackling the chaos that may arise instead of taking complete control.

5. Use new technologies to solve old challenges.

In 2021, what we saw as old will become new again. Let’s take a closer look and see how new technology can help solve old problems.

For example, sustainable computing is energy efficient in traditional data centers. Currently, VMware has an xLabs project to help customers optimize their cooling and hot air control systems. Prior to that, the results of the study revealed energy efficiency through a data center thermal management platform.

And soon ML may be in the process of improving accessibility. In return, it will also help reduce software development costs. 2020 was a year of striving for progress. Unexpected challenges teach us planning and planning to deal with change. And we need to be more flexible to adapt to new ways of living and working, and in 2021, I sincerely hope to bring new things to life, no matter what forms of life we ​​have. What’s new? And I’m thrilled to see advances in technology that will bring us new ways.

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