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Unfortunately, the body of the younger brother Mulberry Carries a nice dress to lay the body of the temple. Mom cried.

Unfortunately, the body of the younger brother Mulberry Carries a nice dress to lay the body of the temple. Mom cried.

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The couple came to the younger brother's body, killed Bai Mul, a 15-year-old girl. Mother and grandmother were crying. Bring a nice baby suit before taking him to a car to earn a Wat Lao Rama 2 …

Hathaiphat Tantisirin or Nong Bai Mun, aged 15 years, villagers, Phanthai Norasing, Samut Sakhon, pupils 4/3, Salaya College of Dramatic Arts, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thai classical dance That was Mr. Makawat Chantapichit, aged 21 years, villagers, Moo 5, Lan Tak Fa, Nakhon Chai Si district, Nakhon Pathom province, Yamaha motorcycle riding, registration 8 years, 7864, Bangkok Through the red light and hit it, while Madame On January 22, 2019, Hathai Phatra crossed the road at the College of Dramatic Arts at the road at 14:45. Salaya – Nakhon Chai Si Road Until He Has Seriously Damaged Unknown The body is not responding. The doctor had to open the skull because of the fear of a major swelling of the brain. Stay in ICU's room Nakhon Pathom Hospital Last, February 8, at 2 pm Mr. Hathai Phatthara died. As we have already reported

The latest at 10 am, on February 10, reporters from the morgue reported. Hospital Nakhon Pathom, said that it. Nuengrutai Tantysiri Together with Mr Chamrat Jaihar, Father and Mother Hathai Phatthat Tansirin, he traveled with his family together with his grandmother and father's father. Travel to pick up the body in the morgue. The atmosphere is sad. The family brought a long skirt or a white sleeveless suit, which is a popular dress. She brought a dress for Mrs. Hathai Phat, beautifully dressed in shampoos in creamy colors Sweet and beautiful eyes Wear a long wig on her head. Nueng Rutai You have provided photographs of Hathai Phatra wearing a white frame. Is a painting that is dressed in a ballet dress marked by Cha Cha 17 Sep 46 Death 8

Before moving the body, Onerutai invited the monks from Wat Lao. Bangkhunthien came to the ceremony to invite the soul back to his hometown, One Ruthai, to give presents to Thao Wessuwan. For informing Before moving the body Among relatives The grandmother who brought up Mrs. Hathiphat Phat and has only one grandson Hail a cry until the relatives did not have to help one another After this, the hospital staff brought the body of dr. Hathai Phata, took the car of the Nakhon Pathom Hospital, where he went to the temple of Lau Bang Khun Thian, Rama 2, Bangkok. Parents also sit in a car. With a police car By 11.30, the van moved to a hospital and went to the Lau Rama 2 temple to establish a charity institution with teachers, teachers and classmates.

In the Forecast section of the funeral, Wat Lao Rama 2 will reach at 1400 hours.

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