Monday , January 18 2021

‘Train’ no tourist-commercial train, a total of 42 trains, can reimburse the full price

“Train” announces no. 42 tourist-commercial trains to reduce travel between COVID-19 Passengers can apply for a refund of the full price

Mr. Nirut Maneepan, Governor of the Thai State Railways (SRT), revealed that in accordance with the policy of the Center for the Control of Epidemic Diseases Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) or CRC You want to avoid travel To prevent the spread of COVID-19

The train stops running

The public railway company Limited therefore announced that every Saturday – Sunday from 9 January 2021 there are 12 trains and from 13 January to 28 February 2021 30 commercial trains that can take passengers. The ticket will contact you and receive a refund of the full price in a special case at each station across the country.

  • Number of tourist trains not running 12 trains Including

Special vehicle for tour 997/998, Bangkok-Plutaluang-Bangkok

Special fleet for sightseeing 909/910 Bangkok-Namtok-Bangkok

Special fleet for sightseeing at 911/912 Bangkok – Suan Son Pradipat – Bangkok

915/916 Kanchanaburi – waterfalls – Kanchanaburi

Special vehicle 921/926, Bangkok – Khok Salung – Pasak Cholasit Dam – Bangkok

Special train convoy at 923/928, Bangkok – Khok Salung – Pasak Jolasid Dam – Bangkok (two way)

  • A total of 30 commercial trains that do not run on the northern, isan and southern lines. Including

North line 8 trains

Special high-speed train no. 9/10 (Utara Withi) Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok

High-speed train no. 51/52 Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok

High-speed train No. 107/108, Bangkok-Den Chai-Bangkok

High-speed train number 109/102 Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok

Isan Line 12 trains

Special high-speed train no. 23/24 (Isaan Watana) Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok

Special high-speed train 25/26 (Isan Makka) Bangkok-Nong Khai-Bangkok

High-speed train no. 71/72, Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok

High-speed train no. 75/76 Bangkok-Nong Khai-Bangkok

High-speed train at 139/140 Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok

High-speed train no. 145/146, Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok

South line 10 trains

Special high-speed train no. 31/32 (Thaksinarat) Bangkok – Hat Yai – Bangkok intersection

Special high-speed train, diesel, track 39/40, Bangkok-Surat Thani-Bangkok

Special high-speed train, diesel, track 43/44, Bangkok-Surat Thani-Bangkok

High-speed train no. 83/84, Bangkok-Trang-Bangkok

Express train number 175/176 intersection Hat Yai – Sungai Kolok – intersection Hat Yai

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