The perfect formula for small diesel hits, first raised in honor of Thai boxing


The perfect formula for small diesel shocks, first lift, Thai boxing, honorable diamond

Sparrows can not eat! Together with the Fairtex formula, elbows, small diesel vehicles, TBM gym, which easily leave the body with only 46 seconds. At the Lumpin Boxing Stadium

Muay Thai battle diamond battle At the boxing ring, the couple were acquainted with the formula Fairtex (red), found a small diesel, TBM Gym (blue), 126 lbs. Always Today, a glimpse of the path, blow, blow, tooth, elbow, hope, knot, count again. Small diesel fuel has not released weapons yet, but has already had symptoms. Fill in the formula, do not wait, slowly, accelerate, walk, blow, big elbows before diving the left stroke straight, full beard, small diesel fuel, long sleep, the director does not need to count in order to waste time and decide to stop immediately fighting. Then raise your hand to complete the formula Which takes only 46 seconds

As for the other results in the duo, Jojo Pae Minburi won the Phetprasak, Buriram, Laem Sing, S. Dechaphan, won, sharp, Kris Kow Yuha Isuzu, Top Diamond, Park Gym won the best result. Fairtex

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