The "Nitrogen Poll" shows that CNN's "Country of Love" song reflects reality in society


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November 4, 2018


53.70% of people love "country music" 51.61%, indicating that content reflects reality in society – politics

On November 4, the National Development Directorate (NIDA), the "NIDA Poll", issued a public opinion poll: "How do Thais feel rural music?" From December 31, November 2 to December 18, people around the world education There are 1 529 samples in the country. The feeling of the "country" of the music and music video of Thai people found that 58.14% of the majority of people said they would never listen to / listen to the music video for "countries" and 41.86 percent say, to listen to / watch the clips. music "I have my country". I never heard / watched the "Country Guinea" music video, according to which 8.34% of people said they wanted to listen. 12.43% said they would listen to it, 28.55% say they do not want to listen, and 50.68% say they do not want to listen.

According to the "Gyeonggi Province" song, most people who listened to / watched the music video of "Gyeonggi Province" said 51.61% said that song only reflects the reality of the Tuscan society / politics. 39.66 shows that only the satire of social / political music, 18.41 percent said that the RAP theme is a strong language, 10.82 percent. 7.78 percent said the content of the song was too bad for Thailand. The picture of the country was violated 6.64 percent said that the song a gap in society 6.45 percent stated that the content of music / music clips. About 3.61 percent said that on October 6, 1976, it was not appropriate to find a similar picture of music clips, and 2.28 percent said it was a song that encouraged people to resist dictatorship. Of those who listened / watched the music video, "Guam" found that 53.70% of respondents reported less than 30.93%. I do not like this song.



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