The election results in Bangkok, 99.9% percent, Pracha Pracha National Champion!


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The election results in Bangkok: 99.9% ara Pachara. 11 seats, 21:00 – Phor. "9 seats," Laksi ", who meet with fewer people than cards

On March 25, at 1.30 in Bangkok City Hall (Bangkok), the rapporteurs reported the unofficial counting of the votes of all 30 Bangkok electorates after the election of enclosed boxes as follows:

District 1, Phra Nakhon district, Pom Prap Sattru district Samphanthawong district, Dusit district (except Nakornchaisri road) Ms. Kankanit Raeo Hours, 22,446 votes

2nd district, Pathumwan district, Bang Rak district, Sathon district, party Pracha Ratana Ga. Patcharin Chamiripong, 26,909 votes

3rd constituency, Bang Kho Laem district, Yan Nawa district, State party Prachuap Khiri Khan, Mr. Nein Chuchaithip, 28,494 votes

4th district, Khlong Toei district, Watan district, party Pracha Rattharathana, Ms. Kornit Ngamsukhonratana 27,620 votes

Electoral district 5, Din Daeng district, Huai Khwang district, Thai party Phuea G. Teesai Assistance earns 27,897 points

Election area 6, Phayathai district, Ratchathewi district, Chatuchak district (Chatuchak district and Chom Phon district) PPP, Padaat Worakanson, 28,690 votes

District No. 7, Bang Khen district, Dusit district (Nakornchaisri road) Customer Pracha Ratana Ga. Thanikarn Pornpongsaroj, 25,180 votes

Electoral district 8, Lat Phrao district, Wang Thonglang district (Except Phlapphla) Party Pracha Ratana G. Kasidet Chutiman, 29,090 votes

9. District, Laksi district, Chatuchak district (except Chatuchak and Chom Phon) … there were problems with counting votes …

Electoral District 10, Don Mueang District, Thai Party, Mr. Karunho Sakul, 30,800 votes

Electoral district 11, Sai Mai district, Thai party Phuea A. Anadit Nakornthaphor, 34,679 votes

District 12, Bang Khen District, Phuea Thai party, Mr. Anusorn Panthong, 30,254 votes

13 district, Bang Kapi district, Wang Thonglang district (Only in Phlapphla district) Client Pracha Ratana Miss Thitiphat Chote Decha Chaiyanant 47,489 votes

District 14, Bueng Kum district, Khan Na Yao district (subdistrict Ramindra) Phuea Thai party, general Phumphiwatiphatai, 31,445 votes

District 15, Min Buri district, Khan Na Yao district (except Ramindra sub-district) Party Pracha Pracharat, Mr. Chanwit Wipoosiri 31,551 votes

District 16, Khlong Sam Wa District Party of Phuea Thai, Mr. Chirayu Wongsub, 31,481 votes

District 17, Nong Chok district, party Pracha Rattharatham, Siripongrass has 25,329 votes

Electoral district 18, Lat Krabang district, Thai party Phuea Miss Thirarat Chareonwanich 35,361 votes

District 19, Saphan Sung District, Prawet District (except Nong Bon District) Customer Pracha Ratana Prasit Mahaad 28,203 votes

District 20, Suan Luang district, Prawet district (sub-district Nong Nong and sub-design of flowers) Future party New g. Monthon Pho Khai 40,462 votes

District 21, Bang Na District, Phra Khanong District, Contracting Party of the Future, Mr. Somkiat Thanomsin, 35,702 votes

District Electoral District 22, Khlong San District, Bangkok Yai District, Thon Buri District (with the exception of the sub-district Dao Khanong, the Bukkhalo district and the Samra District) The party of the new future, Mr. Phidphip Lim Lim, painter 34,368 points

Electoral District 23, Chom Thong District, Thon Buri District (Dao Khanong District, Bukkhalo District and Samra District) G. Chotipipat Techasoponmanee 27,651 votes

Election district 24, War Burana district, Thung Khru party, Party of the future, Mr. Tosaporn Thongsiri 38 409 votes

District in district 25 Bang Khun Thian New future party, Ms. Nattachai Chanchai Insawat, 38,340 votes

Electoral district 26, Bangbon district, Nong Khaem district (Nong Khaem suburbs), party Phuea Thai, Wan Wan Bamrung, 16,433 votes

Electoral district 27, Thawi Watthana district, Taling Chan district (Taling Chan subdistrict and Chimphli subway), Nong Khaem (except Nong Khaem sub-district)

Election district 28, Bang Khae district, party of the future, Mr. Natthaphong Ruangpanyawut, 29,593 votes

Electoral district 29, Phasi Charoen district, Taling Chan district (except Taling Chan subdistrict and Chimphli sub-region) Phuphon Thai,

District 30, Bang Phlat District, Noi District, Bangkok Client Pracha Ratana G. Chakrapan Pornnimit, 30,229 votes

Journalist at 1.30 in Bangkok From the 30 counties of the constituencies, it turns out that the Prachatharathana party (PPSC) won 11 deputies, followed by a new party (9). 9 seats, leaving only the 9th constituency in the Laksi district, the Chatuchak district (except Chatuchak and Chom Phon). There has been a problem with counting votes Since the number of tutors is smaller than the ballot counts that can be counted at the moment, it is not possible collect points.

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