The Department of Disease Control has emphasized that the flu has become a severe patient fires across the north, toxic dust, the risk of an easy infection.


March 24th Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai Director General of the Department of Disease Control (Cor.), Ministry of Public Health (SorNor.) The mentioned cases of influenza During this time, many people are worried that the outbreak of influenza complies with the Department of Disease Control (CRC). To predict the illness at the end of 2018, 2019 would be one of the diseases to be monitored in Thailand. Situation data from 1 January to 21 March 62 found 99,087 patients and 7 fatalities, an increase compared to the previous 6 weeks of death

WhileData on patients with flu, 2018, revealed 180,000 cases, 32 deaths, but only 2-3 months from the beginning of 2019 He started looking for more patients due to more control Because the world's situation has increased in patients

"The number of patients is quite high. But the number of deaths is not high Since vaccination has been prevented since last year Every year more comprehensive and Patients who are still ill 48 hours have not improved Do you have to go to doctor To receive Osatamavir It will help to reduce the level of complications, including pneumonia, bacterial infections and reduce death " Dr. Suwanchai said and said

It is important to consider the symptoms, if the fever does not decrease or have severe pain, including beating, only 24 hours, contact your doctor immediately. It is important to remind patients that they are responsible for wearing a health mask. To prevent spread

The journalist was asked what was the cause of the patient. Director General of the Disease Control Division He said that the flu is actually a seasonal epidemic. But from expert information, the infection changes slightly. Can Reduce the Epidemic Cycle Previously, in 2009, the pandemic was influenza strain, now 10 years, but this does not mean this will cause a lot of outbreaks

If the infection has changed slightly, then there will be no large outbreak. Because of the large number of outbreaks, a number of infections must occur. But this time there are no flu strains of type A (H1N1) type A (H3N2) and type B, found that Type B increased compared to type A, but do not worry about this situation, be aware, but not panic.

"Also be careful in the northern region of Chiang Mai. With the problem of powder smoke. As a matter of fact, dust is a smoke from burning. We distinguish it from Bangkoka. He found PM10 more than PM 2.5 so that we can protect ourselves by wearing a normal healing mask and we can protect it to a certain extent

However, care must be taken to ensure that it is a dangerous group of patients with congenital diseases, elderly, children, pregnant women, etc., especially influenza.Because we have a problem with dust Influence on the respiratory system Causes the respiratory system to diminish less dust and mucous membranes become more easily inflamed When we get the flu, it will be more vulnerable to infection. Therefore, a group of risks or a healthcare group is not very good. Dr. Suwanchai said

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