Tastefully, as long as the mouth does not shake It must be Kwan, Banchang fish dumplings, only Rayong – news


Come to Rayong. If it does not come in, stop at this store. Please tell me I did not come. It's also terribly wrong. Because "Che Kwan" will definitely not forgive Oh … the story of delicacy. How can I transfer it? "Che Kwan, Dumplings, Fish, Ban Chang" has provided the best for almost 20 years !!!

But how to tolerate recklessness Ban Chang's legendary store may be similar today. The starting point came from the sale of fish dumplings. Sell ​​Tom Yum Noodles by the Road It's so delicious that people come to buy and have to go to Kupid Road. Look, it's not really unusual. When the success began to pierce this bright way of "Che Kwan" this thought should be added to it. To support the needs of several clients, I tried to make it wrong and that I became a fish formula. At "Che Kwan" he said that he tried many things that were not tasty, so here he became a specialty of the fish line. The lines are sticky, soft, black pepper and squeezed together. Crush in a hot pot, bowl with water bowl, clean water, hot and sour broth, cold water, foie gras soup, chicken leg soup, etc. The mouths are not as bad as the concept. Because the taste here is intense. It is spicy, dried and soaked in water

And now, in the "Che Kwan Shop, Fish Noodle, Chang Chang", more than 100 menus full of sweet and salty stomachs are available. Especially rice packs sold very well And a new menu that is ready for use recently Those who do not take food are considered to be missed, i.e. "Pak Boeng Nuan Noodles", the first owner in Ban Changu, who has more than 10 other charges. Full size Price is a light, comfortable bag, only 10 baht per plate, with a focus on 10 baht !!!

What is delicious is, we must tell each other. And he will know that the good things are good in Rayong Not only the durian, but also the "Che Kwan Dumpling Fish Banchang" stand. This size has already been said Come and go The store is about 5 kilometers away from U-Tapao airport, next to the Sukhumvit Road. Before the Soi 27, the municipality is open for delicious service from 09:00 to 22:00, tel. 095-8792493 or it will go into bright images of provocations. Click Fanpage "Che Kwan Dumplings Ban Chang Fish".


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