Songkran, Chaiyaphum, Somtum Chingthong, 1 baht – news


Journalists from Bon Inter Foods Company Limited, Poddistrict Chilong, Mueang district, Chaiyaphum province, have interested people and competitors. From the nearby district In the area of ​​the parade to apply for the competition, Tam Tum Tam is consumed as a welcome color for the day of Songkran or the Thai New Year in 2019 to create a party and color for the participants sign up to determine the prize of 1 baht of gold , worth 25,000 baht, and a number of prizes distributed in the context of the event. Together with the Make a Food Plant Drink to Greet People Walking on the Road Linking the Chi Long Subdistrict, the Mueang District, the Chaiyaphum Province and the Lum Lum Chi District, Ban Khwao District, Chaiyaphum Province Which atmosphere has the candidates from all professions in the morning And all villagers, who went to work in the Province and returned to visit the house, gradually signed and informed about the purpose of the association. This is a lot of competition, but it has to be chosen so that only 10 candidates will participate in the golden competition.

While Ms. Aranyaya Chaiyaphum, a professional Somtum trader In the center of Chaiyaphum Said to have been notified by the Competition for the Som Som Tour will be held. Self-produced food at a fish processing factory So you can look forward to joining. In order to win the gold necklace this time as a mom to market Somtum in the Chaiyaphum market for several years, and have chosen the products of fermented water to reduce the customer. Due to the trust Pure in the production process of the factory, customers are very enthusiastic. And this event creates a lot of color and happiness on Dan Songkran. That is why I thank you for the journey of the Company that organized this great activity and wants the company to organize such good activities. Return to Society Every Year


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