Slightly! 14 girls had no light in the middle of the Songkran Festival in Chan. Soon after, live


Short light

Slightly! 14-year-old girl did not have a fire in the middle of the Songkran Festival in Chan Not long after Facebook page Detecting the cause of engine leakage, bulb Check the scenes Listed as an organizer's mistake

Short light On April 13, the rapporteurs reported that at 22:20 on April 12, Colonel Chavarin Wongchitap, Muang Chanthaburi Province was informed of the fire and was unconscious On the door of Khao Thip Road, Chanthaburi Province

We found that the scene was at the entrance to Khao Thip Road. Opposed to the stage of a musical show A wounded 14-year-old girl was found, Ban Khai Poddistrict, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province. With rescue staff we help to pump our hearts Before speeding up into a hospital But wounded Before we die later

From the area survey, they found that it was a steel frame. There is a decorative light sticker and a plumbing system for the release of the water curtain. Which deceased has gone to the Songkran water area until he is breathed into the fire and loses consciousness until he dies

It is expected that this will cause electric leakage on the headlight engine for scaffolding. In the past period, Pol. Gen Jansom Janyasathit, Deputy Chancellor of Chantaburi Province And the police checked the scene I'm ready to say It's a mistake of the organizer What will be explored Before continuing

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This was reported by the rapporteurs Before this incident, the deceased published the Facebook page. And live live while playing Songkran on the road Khao Thip Also scene scene Before the event Then there were friends, brothers and sisters who knew each other to express their regret on Facebook.

Thanks for the picture from Anulak Aumami, news from Rayong city (public)


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