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Samsung today launches Galaxy S10! Book free before starting. Ready for additional promotions, open bookings and thank you for the gift until February 20. ::

It's another day of surprise when Samsung He decided to destroy the same rules that were previously accepted by allowing those who are interested in Thailand to order the latest most important smartphone, the latest model "New Galaxy" No waiting for start date February 20It (or February 21 in Thailand), which is known to be a version that can not be exceeded Galaxy S10 (Usually, the ordering of smartphones should wait after the official launch) and is called a reservation that requires little courage. Because this is the decision to book before you know that it will look like the real Galaxy S10 Or you have a full feature like the news that came out or not

With special privileges for those who have commissioned the Galaxy S10 in advance, including the purchase of 3 devices as follows

Connect 1 : Who received the device before February 25, 2019
Continue 2. : Get promotions, open bookings (details of the promotion will be published on February 21, 2019)
Continue 3. : For those who order the first 1,000, ready to buy the machine on February 25, 2019, they will receive an additional, thank you gift, worth 1,590 baht

Order procedure

1. Register and reserve your right to buy products Over the course of the day 9th and 20th February 2019 You can receive QR Code Through e-mail

2. Bring the QR code to see the right to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10 at the department store.Area Central World Beacon 2 on February 25, 2019 from 10:00 to 20:00. With special privileges, as stated above

For anyone who has more questions You can contact Samsung's Customer Service at 1800-29-3232 (free: only for home phones) or call 02-689-3232 24 hours a day (except for holidays)

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