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Samsung is the main force in the transition of learning.

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November 19, 2018


Samsung Support Training for the Visually Impaired Download Smartphones to the National Institute for Blindness Research and Development Under the Foundation for the Blind in the Digital Age

A smartphone can be regarded as an important device that facilitates people's livelihood. The keyboard is smaller. Replacement with a smart touch phone. This is a big change and a challenge for blind people. Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has offered Samsung's smartphone. State Blind Foundation for Research and Development Pod Thai Blind Foundation Support training for using smartphones for people with visual impairments across the country. Poor people can use smartphone functions to ease everyday life.

Mr. Varith Charanayanond Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing, Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. "Today smartphones do not only play a role in communication, it is important to make life easier. Not only Smartphones are also a learning device, and help us to open our world more than ever before and touch. Not only the average person can take advantage of smart Smartphones can also be used by people with visual impairment through the functionality of Accessibility or "Accessibility Help", which provides the function to read what's on the screen. It enhances trust and reduces errors on the touch screen. It also provides access to information Allows daily use, regardless of whether it is access to educational applications or entertainment. Data transfer via email Online payment services Therefore, Samsung encourages the use of smartphones for the visually impaired. We are committed to improving the quality of life for everyone through innovation. "

At present, the National Blind Establishment for the Research and Development Pod Thai Blind Foundation is a program for the training of smartphones available to blind people throughout Thailand every month. And because training is very specific. There is not much knowledge about training. So, at each level of training, it takes about three to five days. Pre-qualified participants will be able to use the basic smartphone.

Mr. Jatupon Ratthong Head of Information Technology and Equipment for the Blind Blind Foundation Recipients of the application are speakers in training activities using smartphones. "The hardest thing about training is the difference: the first is the difference in basic knowledge, some people have enough knowledge about smartphones, but some do not, the other thing is the difference in the device, and some people do not have to accept anything, I do not hope to buy a smartphone, if it is possible to use a smartphone? People who have and carry out their training. Smartphones that bring the second version. Training is rather difficult because each smartphone has different features and uses, support for this smartphone helps Samsung to reduce learning barriers to Disabled Visual and Inventory, it is ready to provide the appropriate agencies in different regions. The same training can be used to rent out the smartphone it uses. To help make training more widely and benefit visually impaired people across the country. "

"When we have learned the basics, people with visual impairments are turning to smartphones. The fear of touching the phone without the keyboard disappears, and then they started to call for advanced training." "In addition to incoming calls, you call." "Go to music download Watch video and audio with Youtube and social media, and offline, people with special needs will get more information and communicate. I opened the world myself. These devices are convenient, "added Jatupon.

Unusual people crushed the wall of fear and stepped into the digital world. This is another major change in the lives of smartphones. With the help of Smartphones, which are not only convenient for communication. It is also facilitated by artificial intelligence (AI), which can read the text on the screen completely. Information on the website, food menus or labels used in everyday life.

"That's why we need to turn people down to smart phones with poor vision, if you do not have a phone with a keyboard, or less worse people have fewer options. We need to try to prepare him to learn as much as possible," said Jatupon.

Practicing smartphones on Android is fun. People with bad images learn to use Google Assistant to use Samsung's smartphone. Should you find basic information such as using BTS or bus, playing games or predicting.

Mr. Nattapong Leeloompan Working in the Red Cross is a stand-alone bank. He is one of the participants in the training for smartphones, organized by Mr. Nattapong. This event took place. Secondly And he is one of those who use Samsung's smartphone in the work. Regardless of whether it is information. Or document management Helps in a comfortable work.

MissThitikhan Sunthornvirat Poorly Visible This is a live transfer of this visually impaired exercise in a home through Facebook. He is one of those who have been using a smartphone for six years. After the first lesson. The school started from six to eight years. "From everything that uses the blind, it's touchy, It's like changing a smartphone that's just a canvas, it needs to be used for a while, but I do not want to play it But when it's accepted, we went and started to enjoy. Learning in real time, which allows for more experience, technology has developed steadily, for the blind, from the original alien, but now in Thailand, and we want to give the opportunity to learn from others, "Thitikhan said.

Also at the end of the training. Samsung is open to the blind. It is used to develop smart phones that respond to all the best to use.

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