Red Mee Note 7 for only 4,999 baht


Xiao Mi (Xiaomi) introduced the latest Redmi Note 7 smartphone (Redmi Note 7). Ready to open the screaming price starting at 4999 baht, which gives rise to a suspicion that the price of this mobile phone will give many specifications. But the fact that Siew Mee adapted a multi-brand strategy in January

By making Red Mi an independent smartphone brand Focus on research and development of smart phones that deliver the highest value for money With top quality This new smartphone has an exceptional specification.

From elegant and costly appearance with the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 cover front and rear. It also helps to reduce damage due to a fall. Every corner of the machine is strengthened to make it more durable

In addition, buttons and doors are also available with a waterproof seal that prevents damage from contact with the liquid. It provides a screen with a FHD resolution of 1080 × 2380. In addition, the screen provides high pixel density and realistic color. (84% wide color display, NTSC color scale)

The rear camera of the machine, Redmi Note 7, uses the Samsung ISOCELL GM1 sensor, which provides a resolution of up to 48 megapixels during recording, and the sensor uses Samsungov's Tetracell technology, which combines 4 pixels in 1.6 microns.

This feature increases the camera's sensitivity and produces 12MP resolution. They also provide sharper data even in poor lighting conditions. In addition, the camera combines with the latest AI features.

During the first night mode shooting with the Miao Mi leading model, including Mi MIX 3, including the AI ​​scene detection function, AI portraits and AI portraits that allow users to create beautiful photos We're just wondering

Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon 660 AIE processor with a maximum speed of 2.2 GHz, with a capacity of 4000mAh battery that provides long hours of use throughout the day. For general users, comfortable charging via the USB Type-C door

With short charging times with Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 4. In addition, Red Mee Note 7 also has an IR blaster that can control devices and point out many home appliances.

Like Television or Air Conditioner Not only is the Smart PA sound system available for more resonant and high-quality sound.

Red Note 7

Red Mee Note 7 can choose from three colors, including Space Black, Neptune Blue and Nebula Red.RAM 3GB / 32GB version available for 4,999 baht, RAM 4GB / 64GB version, price of 6,599 baht and RAM 4GB / 128GB version, price is 6,799 baht.

Red Mee Note 7 will publish notices for people interested in using the Lazada application from March 20th at 20:00 to 26 March at noon and on March 26, 2019, Lazada will publish the names. Happy winners who received 48 prizes through the application

The lucky winner will receive the Mi Compact Bluetooth speaker 2 as a prize, and on March 27th at 00:01 hours the Red Mi Note 7 will be officially released for the first time via online channels. It will be part of the Lazada 2019 birthday campaign

On March 27, 2019, at 0000, AIS will sell RAM 4GB + 64GB to AIS Web Store, and AIS and Mi will also begin selling the Red Mee Note 7, 4GB + 64GB version from March 30

In addition, Siao Mee and AIS also offer 2 special offers from the AIS 4G package. The fast Max speed offers users to have Redmi Note 7, a powerful leading smartphone. At a special price On the 1st quality network of the fastest and most stable countries

First Special Offer Offer a discount of 2,500 baht to only 4099 baht (from a normal price of 6,599 baht) when paying a service of 1,000 baht in advance and apply for AIS 4G Hot Deal Package MAX speed of 499 baht.

Other Special Offers Offering 2,809 Bahts to only 3,790 Baht (usually 6,599 Baht) with a payment of a deposit of 1,500 Baht and signing up to the AIS 4G Hot Deal MAX package of 699 baht.

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