Realme 2 Pro 8 + 128GB is now available in True Shop.


On picture : Mr. Thuan Thong Sriwichien True Corporation Public Limited Company (2nd left), True Corporation Plc. Mr. Han Wei Chief Executive Officer Real Thai Co., Ltd. Realme 2 Pro, a brand new smartphone that you can watch for a moment.

Realme 2 Pro 8 + 128GB Waiting End Upgrade to a performance that is fast over 3 Realms is a new smartphone that started with a strong current. It's always mentioned. The quality of compressed. Complete specification. And top design. The price is reasonable. Because it was released. Realme started to offer TrueMove H exclusive deals in True Shops. Only one

And TrueMove H 4G network flight in Asia Pacific. Offer special offers. Realme 2 Pro 8 + 128GB is available for only 4,990 Baht (regular price of 8,990 baht) when applying for the 4G + FUN Unlimited 699 package and paying for 1,500 Baht (excluding VAT).

Realme 2 Pro 8 + 128GB comes with

Ram 8GB Rom 128GB Upgrade more capabilities. Storage space more and more.

Snapdragon 660 Chipset Strong and fast flow, making all operations uninterrupted.

Screen size 6.3 cm FHD + It provides clearer visibility and more.

Dual Camera 16 + 2MP Portrait mode makes sharp pictures. Elegant

Camera 16 MP AI Beauty helps pleasant personal cell images.

Battery capacity 3500 mAh, making it resistant to use throughout the day.

Fully Qualified Specification So Rapidly Fast. With top design Designed for the next generation. It matches the slogan "Max Power Max Style". Most of the style "very much ever. After-sales services and repairs can be carried out at all OPPO service centers throughout the country. Engine performance is good. Excellent design We also have good after-sales service. Do not miss it For more information, visit our Facebook page. In


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