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Get a $ 1 million bonus, Race to the Sea,

Erie Ya Jutanan, Thailand Iron Lady Successfully completed at the end of 2018, when you receive a $ 1 million bonus. With the Race Two CME rule, despite having finished fifth in the CMA in Maine. The last weekend The winners of the prizes are trophies of trophies that are the best average throughout the year.

"Pro" Erie Jutanan The Thai golfer re-created the name of the world after winning a $ 1 million bonus ($ 35 million) from the Race Two Eagles points on the LPGA Tour. 5 participated in the CME championship championship in Naples, Florida, USA. Sunday, November 18th.

On the last day of the "Pro M" race leader Race II, Eagles exploded in the highest form, burying 8 birds, but missed two bogeys, with a score of six under 66 with a total of four. 12-year-old under 276, while Lexie Thompson, a steel woman from the United States, scored a total of 18 points under 270 points to win the CME Championship Tournament Championship.

For Erie, she won the best overall score for the year with a score of 69,415 next to the highest score for Race Two CME. Minimized G Steel from Australia With an average score of 69,747.

Get a $ 1 million bonus, Race to the Sea,

"It's a great feeling today, I'm proud of myself, that means so much, I just never expected anything after 2016. I feel like I've achieved so much so I never thought I could do more. it was so amazing. " Erie said.

As porn Anong diamonds with "pro Lan Lan" Punnarat Thanapon Boonsar. The Parade Scout Parade ranked 30th, followed by the Tadapapa Suvarnabhumi 3 airport over Par 291, which ranks 48th and was ranked 4th in the course of the year. Couple 293 ranks 58th.

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