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Pregnant woman and the problem of "acne, freckles" How to care for your skin?

New mothers who are pregnant Some people have problems. "Acne" Darker skin, including skin "Freckles" Followed by harassment of faces The skin is not as beautiful as before. How to care for your skin? This will not affect the child in the stomach

During pregnancy Hormonal levels of women will change greatly. It affects the skin clearly, some people dry skin, some burning, very oily skin and "Acne" Full face Thai way of life There are methods for skin care "Acne" For pregnant women to say …

1. Avoid the sunlight.

When Mom starts pregnant Hormone levels in the body will change. With the production of progesterone hormones Several estrogen hormones Including hormone HCG coming from the placenta in the uterus Different levels of hormones This change This causes some mothers to develop morning illness The effect also on the skin can cause allergic rash, redness or similar rashAcneIt can appear in the body

In addition to internal factors, hormones also increase. External factors that are important are "sunlight" that will speed up the problem. Acne Increased fingers Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid the sun as much as possible.

2. Drink plenty of water

Acne mothers during pregnancy Let them drink plenty of water Aids will moisturize your skin, not inflammation and help remove body waste Which will help to reduce the symptoms of acne

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables, add vitamins.

Pregnant mothers should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Which vitamins in fruits and vegetables will help the skin shine, beautiful skin, strong skin, far fromAcne It also needs to reduce the consumption of fried foods and fat foods, because high-fat foods can ease acne in mothers.

4. Do not sleep late.

Pregnant mother should not sleep too late To sleep at least 8 hours a day, unless the baby is completely rested. It can improve the development of various wells, Mama alone will get good skin away fromAcneThe ceiling may also be a different way.

5. Exercise to reduce acne.

Pregnant mothers must exercise at least 30 minutes a day, concentrating on light exercises, such as swimming, walking, exercise, yoga, etc. Pumping blood It helps to drive various dirt through the sweat, making it far awayAcne

6. Use safe skin care

Pregnancy will lead to an increase in androgen levels. Which will stimulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands Creation of clogged pores toAcne Mother should not solve the problem.AcneBy rubbing the face or cleansing the skin As it can cause inflamed skin Use local ointmentAcneWithout retin A

Choose a Safe Face Cream Emphasize the moisturizer from natural extracts that are gentle on the skin, do not use creams such as bleaching, sour cream, hydroquinone, BHA for harmful substances that can affect the gut inside the stomach.

7. Use acne medicines. Consult your doctor

If there is a lot of acne, Mama must take care of the skin to prevent infection. Try not to rub or scratch and use topical medicines.AcneSafe for mothers such as benzyl peroxide (BP), which is classified as sterilizedAcne It is a medicine that doctors often giveAcneWash your face before you wash your face for a moment. Drugs in this group are safe for pregnant women. It is an external ointment that works on the skin

However, mothers should not buy drugs to eat or work alone. Because the medicine can contain ingredients that are harmful to the baby in the womb. Always consult your doctor before taking this medicine to see what medicines are available. What types of medicines are not used during pregnancy?

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