"Porsche" is in the first election, wants to lead the country in all respects – innnews


Young singer Porsche – Sivakorn or Porsche 9 × 9, artist under the novel Traveling to exercise the right to vote At the 22nd election (Pak Soi Lat Phrao 89), the first election

These are our first elections, how do you feel?
"I'm very excited. She is delighted that we have exercised our rights this year. "

How are you ready?
"There are studies on the Internet. Look at what each customer has."

What is the main policy for Porsche?
"It's really simple. I just want the leader to lead the country in a good way, whether this is the rule." What is the economy? "

Do you think these elections will be especially exciting?
"Energy." I saw on the Internet, said that people use a lot of rights Both in advance and today "

In Porsche as a new generation, what would you like to see the new government do for Thailand?
As I said, I want the new government to develop a country in every sector as an economy. Or the different regime wants to take care of the progress of the country Go in a good way "

How to look at politics Since we have been a child who has not yet got rights right from the start, today we have the right to be one?
"At first, it was rather unconventional. When we realized that we had elections, we studied. Read more … Read a lot. Choose something that is appropriate

Leave an invitation?
"Can you vote today? Close the window at 5 o'clock. You can continue to carry one person to one right.


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