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"Planet Rally" on the Roman Road Look at the naked eye of this February 18-20

February 18 and 20, dr. Chuan Choom Phenchan "Planet Rally" Venus is bright on Saturn. Watch your naked eye all over the country. If you are in the dark, you will see the Roman road as a wonderful background from 4:30 onwards.

Today (February 10, 2019) Astronomy Research Institute, Ministry of Science and Technology In the south-east, a pleasant morning parade appears in February 2019, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

If you are in a dark place, the Roman Road will look like a wonderful backdrop. "Planet Rally" Venus is bright on Saturn. Watch your naked eye all over the country.

Mr Suparuek Krueananon, the head of the astronomical academic service, said that since the 8th of February, early in the morning, three planets appear in the south-east, including Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. Antares, a bright star in the constellation Scorpion, appears on three planets. If you notice in a completely dark area You can see that the Milky Way appears at the same time as a wonderful backdrop throughout the month

Then, in the period of February 18-20, Saturn will gradually Come close to Venus The closest will be on February 19, only 1.3 degrees, in astronomy, the so-called "Congregational Planet", two or more planets close to the sky at an angular distance 1-5 degrees.

If you look with your eyes, you will see that both stars are apart. (Measuring Angular Distance, Sky With your hands stretch your hands to the sky by 1 degree, approximately 1 inch apart.)

For those who are interested, you can wake up to see the beauty of the sky from 04.30 onwards. You do not have to look through the telescope. Finally, Mr Suparerk said.

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