Friday , October 22 2021

(News clip) SEC approves ICO Portal in November


(News clip) SEC approves ICO Portal in November

The Secretary General of the SEC is examining. We expect that those who wish to manage a digital stacker or ICO portal will be approved by at least 1 by the end of November.

Secretary General of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Sukritkul said that he was considering the qualifications of those who want to work on the ICO portal. 1 until the end of November. In the meantime, the digital stock market operator is still waiting for the approval of the Ministry of Finance. The initial funding procedure begins with the initial coin provider (ICO). In December, Secretary General of SID said that the current collection of ICO funds is not yet legitimate, which the SEC is obliged to warn and understand for investors. The role of SEC is to monitor. Create a Qualified Entrepreneur to qualify. And ensure accurate disclosure to investors. It also warns investors that the market is very risky. Investors should be encouraged to understand the investment before the President of the Thai Securities and Exchange Association. Pattra Dilok Rungtippop said that technology has changed rapidly. Customer behavior is changing. Most customers want to provide financial security over investments. And this is an investment without having to go to the bank. Traditional brokerage I can not live Many companies with securities are required. The new investment concept is deeper. The main obstacle to a financial, financial or financial transition is that the SEC yard is slow and obsolete.

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