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"Kadstam" excited "McGuire" to win the new version of Welter ONE.

ONE Championship, the world's largest martial sport sport in the history of Asia. The latest explosion at the Ishtar Stadium in Jakarta. Indonesia Under the name of ONE: WARRIOR'S DREAM on Saturday evening, November 17th.

ONE WAR: Happy Days Sebastian Caddy has realized his dreams. After the World Cup, martial arts together. With the victory of Tyler McGuire, the American Challenge of Belt Belt Belt is available to honor a vacancy.

With this pair of mouth almost reached the maturity of five. Review of the competition Kadestam is better in standoff. The problem is Maguire. This is a tremendous blow and a real punk, which is perfectly accurate. The Maguire tried to circle around the hide. Finding the right moment for an attack by closing an account with your own right. But the caddies themselves can also go down.

The race was over. It was not half an hour before that. Kadestam got a real shot at Maguire. After falling to sleep in the air before falling, Oliver Cost Board on the stage immediately stop. As a result, Kadam beat Knock. This is the new version of Welterweiss.

A pair of items is the Battle of the ONE Super Series Catch World Cage Boxing World Cup kickboxing. Notice at the open top of the cage. With the winner of Cosmo Alexander from Brazil, it's better. The Dutchman is advanced, quick, fistful and striking, and he has a chance to close the first half of the game, but he still fails. In the second round, Holzgren is also responsible for the game. Prada finger fists, until Alexander out. Before the fist of the oppressor, who returned to sleep until he had to stop.

To those women, Priscilla, Hurricane Lumbini, the local athlete unanimously beat the score of Angelo Saban from the Philippines. After all, it could have surpassed all the sides in the enthusiasm of fans in this field. Also in the third rush. Shaban had the opportunity to subdue Gaul. But Philippine girls did not succeed. Because Gaul made use of his power to survive and without a doubt win.

The Strawberry version of the Japanese father, Hayato Suzuki, exploded in the form of the North Pong of Syria Myth Demon from Thailand. Suzuki starts a rally for younger competitors from the start of the race. Soon it was necessary to organize the body and then put the posture behind naked, which made Pong Siri surrender. This is the victory of the third consecutive Suzuki.

ONE Super Series FIFA World Champion Phuket Flyers Before the Thai veteran repeated his victory with consensus. In all three elevators. The third stage of the Rajdamnern Championship is firearms. It's a win-win situation.

Catchworth Coordinator Anthony Englen, Dutch athlete. Indonesian Descent Show your impressive form, rolling Jimmy Yabo from the Philippines. With a blur of the first. I'm not sure if it is. For this, Nigel attacked with a standing posture. Before the pillow rhythm hit the ground, then hold the posture of the rear bare foot from the rear until Athlete Pinoy touches his hand to give up.

Cattles Elitecure I'll write in my career. After defeating Pakistani defense attorney Mohammed Imran in the second round First, Cyril is a weapon to be notified. Come to the second, Cyrillic presentation of your skills to the transition. The last bare heads to win the fans.

Episode Strawberry Eke Rossen, a local athlete. Show your favorite form by winning knockout Eddy Kalyan from Malaysia. Spread the joy of the countrymen. Start the match. First, Kalyan created a surprise and caught Rossen on the ground. But I can not close my account. It turned out that Rossen missed the right shot at the center of Yukihiro Shimoda on the board, as the back side is not good. Immediately immediately.

B flat This is a combination of two skills that is coordinated between Daejeon Kim from South Korea and Chu Chu Kang from China. Two of them have their good moments. Even if you have a height and a pleasant area. But she can not make fun of Kim. As a side sportsman, Dan Ginseng is stronger and more energetic than in his hands. Before the end, all three judges voted in favor of Kim in order to reach a consensus.

Japan's first win with a flywheel was achieved with the branch of Eugene Tewug from the Philippines from the very beginning. Hit the left and drop the fist. Finally, he will meet on the ground and use his knowledge as the final goal of the choke, as Philippine rivals must surrender.

In the Strallorth version. Do not worry, Adrienne Matesyy Cheers is disappointed. When he defeated the fellow Aziz Kalim to the beautiful. With the technique used to catch Calim Guillotine Choke, the latter must unconditionally touch.

ONE Super Series FIFA World Cup Black Jackets from the Netherlands Supported by the success of the French virus Johann Fairtex. When both of them came out, the weapons merged when the bell tower struck. But go to another elevator. Pinas was beaten up completely. Before falling into the division. Go to the top of the page

Brazilian Brazilian U-Turn World Champion Brazilian U-Turn World Champion has greatly returned to the Cage Arena ONE over China XI. By hunting athletes with dragons on canvas. Guillotine Choke holds to the back with unconscious hands. First minute of the match.

Open a list of the Model of a Strawberry Woman A meeting between two athletes between Viennitano Woolan meets with Pulli, both fans will call the field sound with a sharp stick in all three elevators. The last one was Woollan, who won three of the three men. Voting is unanimous.

– Weaverservers Championship: Sebastian Caddy won Tyler McGuire in the fourth minute of the fifth round.
– ONE Super Series Chatchwatch (78 kg) Boxing: Nicki Holzgens won the Cosmo Knox Alexander in 2.59 minutes of the second round.
– Atomic version: Priscilla Hurricane Lumbini was given the unanimous vote of Angela Sabal after the race.
– Strawberry: Hayato Suzuki won the last bare chocolate in Pongsiri Mitrattani in 2.09 minutes.
– ONE Super Series Flyweight Thai boxing: Tesla Phuket Top Team won unanimous results
– The catch hour (72 kg): Anthony Englen won the last bare chocolate (2.35) in the first minute (Jimmy Yazoo).
– Catch Vet (58.1 kg): eliminated Cyrillic rear choke Muhammad Imran in the second minute of the second round.
– Strawberry version: Eke Rossen wins knockout Eddy Kalyan in 3.15 minutes of the first lift.
– Bantam Vat: Yes, Hwan Kim got a unanimous vote after the third game.
– FLYWATER: Tatsumi Matsuo won the last bare chock of Eugene Tortuguer in 0.52 min.
– Strawberry version: Adrian Mateshay won Guillotine Choke, Aziz Kalim in 0.57 minutes of second lift.
– ONE Super Series Rules of the FIFA World Cup: Brown Pinas beat Johann Fairtex in 0.52 minutes of the second round.
– Featherweight: Bruno Pucci won the Guillotine Choke in 0.56 minutes of the first lift.
– Women's version: Dave Arnold Woolley received a unanimous vote after the third game.

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