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Jack invites smiles to meet the truth, life, work, earn money, all medicines Take care not to become a slave of money

Jack invites smiles to meet the truth, life, work, earn money, all medicines Take care not to become a slave of money

Stay tuned for treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis for several months. Until the body was thin, hard and drastic smile Join the press conference for the first time Concert comedy 39 years Inviting Smile On Central World, the day before the update of the symptoms Improved for almost a hundred percent Come back to get more work With comments on life From never convincing people to notice Hard work, make sure that you find the money that will be used to treat everyone Until he met

Read the news : Jack invites smiling, sick, thin, heavy, unable to heal for 5 months.

Read the news: Jack invites you to smile with the latest illness. Fighting – I want to lose Thanks for the encouragement

Read the news: Jack invited Smiley to update the disease. So thin that people think it's aids After losing weight 10 Lo.

After healing Return to work again?
"I will say that I have not lost 100 percent," he said. "We take medicines from the beginning of the sixth month to the present, and we will be treated for six months after this illness." But the case of Jack, the infection appears to be resistant, we may have to take the drug for at least a year and a half. by itself, the weight will start by itself Now it's very strong It can start to accept the job It's good enough to get a job in a month All are adults who want to use us Thank you Full list, MC Sitcom, 39 year old concert movie , Smile, and much more Yes, adults still trust us This gives the service and the old work we leave Now back to work When we start working in one day, how much work can we do? It will have some fatigue It should be around 80 percent . "

Is there a work that requires special care?
"Be careful when moving the job. Caper This will easily get tired of us. As someone who has run But we are tired of him several times I have to sit and rest for a while I was tired during the conversation.

Sufficient to answer more jobs How does this affect?
"Actually, doctors who want to stay up to the treatment. But every day we are sick. When he started to enter 3 months and 4 months, every adult, every channel and kindness was asked to ask how it was? And the old job we leave him Asking whether he is ready to go back to work or not he was still waiting, but also a new job that he still wanted to use. When he called a lot Sometimes we have greatly reduced because we can not do this. we do not want to work until we want to refuse the work. Still, you decide to work that you do not need to jump. Who will not write you a lot of MC scenario sitting on a cold journey. It's very hard work. Thank you very much. "

Update sick

Must get back to work Even because of the cost?
"Yes, everyone needs money. Or rich, poor In the end, Jack said there was no slave. Important money, important health, important family, important friends, important brothers and sisters. Everything must be balanced"

How much is the cost per month?
"The cost of the disease is already high. Also, our fans with kidney disease Plus daily expenses We need to make money. What Jack has been working for 20 years, he has a lot of work every year, he does not accept it every day, he thought of our success. will not receive, then we will take the money for the treatment of our sick and girls What will increase Ordinary people who are not ill have to spend money every month. It is important for all, so a good balance Somebody once told Jack Much works like Jack Be careful to take money for treatment. We do not believe. People who are not sick will not believe that all the money needed to be paid. Finally, the balance must be good."

The cost of treatment Jack and the girl together for nearly a month?
Almost a hundred thousand a month Does the treatment change the filter each week or dialysis supporters? Do we need X-ray imaging of the lungs, collecting blood for several months, just checking and receiving the medicine? A few months can increase costs. In addition to daily expenses, Delo as an adult gives us an opportunity and gives us value. We can still work. Now it's better every day. Jack did not think he would come back to get a lot of work and he was so sensitive that he felt good. We're still ready and everyone wants to see. "

Is it painful to see a type of life?
"Jack has already seen him. Because he was sick only in the vicinity of Jacko. Notwithstanding being a color father, the young man smiled and thus slept, 9-year-old girl who had kidney disease arrived. We came alone with the idea that this is the truth. It gives us the idea that we must live by principles, doctrines, leave, not by slavery, with money, thinking well, thinking positively Sometimes it comes. Sometimes it's time to touch Dharma. Something will lead us to you. Without compromising the mind or the force, he will come alone, as if he wanted to receive one hundred percent. It's good Who will come Jack sooner, even in his youth Ask if he's sick, can you see the two angles we'll look at? Find out what is positive in suffering. Only life will be happy."

How to adjust the spending of past money with high income?
"Jack already has some money. I do not want anything The other day was in the studio, but he ate a full meal and bought a house and bought a car and some clothes. In that year things have to be added to one idea Jack Eid: We have to have some time, let's go to a visit to the world. A couple of months goes to some provinces Jack has been working since childhood. This kind of sensitivity Make a balance between life It can travel a long time, Jack, aged 39 We do not know how long they should live on this planet. Then we have our illness, the girl is sick, then the girl is so wonderful with the pressure. I do not know who will go before me and my brother. Finally, it is inevitable that the work has already been completed. But we need to find our happiness that there is a lack We will start to socialize."

How much weight? "From a reduced to 10 lo, but for six months we descend and then up to 5 loops, which will rise more than before, if they are longer." First, we have to monitor, first 68, to 55, when it will only be about half a month. Jack is very serious about weight, how to take it. And we seriously deal with changing, our dolls are convinced, they say that they do not need to worry, they will be alone after 6 months and 9 months because doctors do not need to eat anything when taking the medicine. The body is already saturated and improves both symptoms and fat patterns. It's been 5 years now, now 60. Jack can start practicing This disease is a disease that has cured many people. When he was healed, he was a brother.

What caused it? "This is how we breathe. Today, dust, smoke, bacteria, viruses, everything from dust." Now, in the body of a person, it has a white grain, it is weak, it will not work. He will not eliminate the bacteria from the body when we are less resistant to hard work, we rest less Jack's work because the 3-year-old child M 4 is sleeping in the ice. Get rid of it, but when it's weak, it keeps the lungs until it's full.

Is this a common cause? All right, a lot of people. A young child is called lung tuberculosis

When is it said that shock is shocked? "It's not serious Jack is serious about this. Because Jack did not know why Jack would care for him. I do not know why to save the news. Due to the time, he will someday know that what he thinks is not the end of our treatment. When it gets better, the image he sees will accuse him of what he thinks is not. Jack felt that Jack had an incentive for tomorrow's disappearance. Because people said there was a lot and they disappeared"

Promote us well? "Yes, with the family and part of every mother, enough to take medication every day. Every day is getting better. It started to get really tired. Since more work can be done, it's good because we have been doing for 3-4 months.

How much lost revenue? Many were Before he was sick, he had around 4-5 sitcoms, and the host had to leave everything and money disappeared. Fortunately, we have already collected money, and there are many adults who help to go to this hospital. He met this doctor who had a direct illness. By then it was good Finally Jack says it's good. We want to work, see other people. Finally, when he gave the job, we became worthless. Everyone wants to be hired as usual, the condition is ok, it helps us with one. When we can play, it's good. The other work he saw took us for the game.

Who said that there are people who warn they do not do much will take money for treatment now, we agree with this sentence Do we work more easily?

"Who said people warn that they are not doing a lot of money I will take. Now, we agree with this sentence. Are we already working with ourselves, so that Jack, when he is 100% lost, will receive less than before?" Jack thinks fans continue to spend money. It's that we do not want to spend that much money, but with a job that is very interesting with an interesting job. Then the kindness of an adult work. If an invitation is given, if we keep it, we will not accept it. it's all routine It's very hard to joke, everyone has a regular program, has a host and every event that comes, everything will be what we'll then try to see to be rocking Wait a moment to rest When it comes to good work

A past life worth living? "Yes, Jack. We're lucky that we got sick when we were teenagers. They're about to disappear for us."

Is it all over? "Normally Jack does not smoke, he never smokes when he drinks. Now left Because it's not true But when the teenagers drank early in the morning Whatever it was, before we were in the movement Our teens are full of hundreds. We used to hit 1 hit 2 and wake up to work. Now, it will be a little late at night, even worse This is our adulthood, which is why we have to adapt and have more discipline in life. More conscious"

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