In order to protect everything before adopting election results, the other party wins the protest. It's hard to move


Stop protesting in order for the state to move on – 09.30 on 24 March Pungnawat Kulrattanarak Journey to the twelfth constituency, Chomphon subdistrict, Chatuchak district, electoral district 6, Bangkok Electoral location Tent at the Tesco petrol station parking station (Soi Vibhavadi Rangsit 20)

The journalist told this when a young hero arrives on the stall. You brought an ID card to check the list. To enter the exercise cabin. For the cabin atmosphere in the morning There are people who constantly come to exercise their rights.

After having done the Young Hero gave an interview "We feel good when we did not use the rights for a great stay Want a campaign for the use of voting rights Come show the power, choose our representatives to go to Thailand, we love. I was not very enthusiastic about because it was not the first time, but it was considered that social media appeared when politics changed a lot. We can access more information. Therefore, the information we receive can be used to decide whether we will choose people who are I like to come in. If it's not really important mission. "

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"Today was initially a little worried about how to check it. However, the staff can be relieved We can ask The label has the name of the customer. The single number is not confused Before choosing View the customer's policy. I am not a fan of any customer. I was looking at the competition on politics. is each party as a product that competes for sale. Race by quality and a lot of things, we look at politics. Everything that matches our heart, which meets the lives of all our brothers and sisters, we choose this party. "

Should Thailand advance?
"I want everyone to accept the results of the elections. Suppose that the other party and the other party can come to the protest. For the use of space on the road, I think that this is our country. He wants everyone to accept the results of the elections chosen by all citizens, if not well, Four years, I choose again, we choose others, we do not go like that, we do not like the road. I think this country will be difficult to walk. "

What do you want with our new leader?
"Everything, the economy, when I go abroad." I went to Korea, to Japan, foreign friends. You want the time when we meet with friends NATO is proud to say that our country is really good leadership, it still sees us that they are torturing us. We want to go to the world scene and we are proud that we are Thai. My house is cool, the Prime Minister is good at repairing the road; in the flood there is no time to meet with society. You want to be proud of being Thai people

You want to use the right to use the sound together This year, it's been up to 5 hours of the last time without knowing how many percent of the right came out. But this time came out to use rights up to 100%, well, come out to use our rights One Right, One Voice and choose to speak instead of love. We would like to take care of Thailand to love ourselves.


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