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I'm sorry to hear that.


November 21 at the Siam Symbol Asperanus Panupanphan A famous player Join the fashion show in d.Sale Cyrus Tanya Boutique Upon completion of the interview, the visitor saw the idol of the agency. Click comments in interviews. Matt-Pryne Many people wonder if they are organizers. I do not know. There is a lot of worry about drama. Love crosses the stars. The audience began to resist, but not see. If not, change the heroine.

What's your favorite movie?

"I really do not know what I do not understand anymore I'm a low tech guy Open and gentle What are they And I do not know what happened The news is that"

After all, hand to push it. You pressed her?

"If you want to press it, but I will not. I have to say this without purpose. Because Low Tech"

I'm not sure if it is.

"I do not understand, people tell me, so it's okay to hit the lighter (laugh). I do not know, and I do not know where it is.

Have you talked to him?

"Found in a pile through … This is my first release … I was shocked … I do not want to be wrong … I do not know what to think … I do not know what really happened.

No problem with Matt?

"No, do it well together. Do you have to be more careful? Now I know It will not be late If you miss it, you have to be angry."

About Love passes the stars. The news came to Matt. Do not tell me that?

For the first time in Thailand, we have created the largest Asia, I want to cheer the Thai people. The Thai version We have been preparing for years, and every place we go to shoot is planned. Pang Ung. North is very nice. "

I'm not sure if it is.

"The drama is not over yet, and it will end next year. I want to see the work that all of us intended to do a good job for the audience. I think this piece will go to Asia."

I am in the new director Ike-Bhawan, who changed the hero, told me to leave him?

"I saw it, I want to encourage it, because we are all very intentional." I want to see the real work, the new Math and the new work this year, and next year I will close the camera, I could not watch it because of a heavy work that has many CGI effects. that everyone is very energetic with this piece of work. "

Have you ever made a comment in the past?

"Everyone has the right to comment, I want to wait to see the work with me." "I have to leave." Matt has to apologize? "Do not talk like that." You want to encourage Normally in private I was never private. "

Is it confirmed that work on personal matters is not linked?

"We are promoting work, because it's hard work, it's a challenge for everyone in this part. We need to make the most of this, and everyone is happy with this work."

Lee and she came to pornography,

"I'll be grown up, Lee."

I'm not sure if it is.

I do not know what to do with him. I have to wait a little queue. The drama is not closed yet. We will not talk soon. It has to wait a while. "

Is there another anti-Matt?

"(Laughter) Love passes the stars. I think I want to follow this. I have to encourage this.

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