How to check "breast cancer"


Another illness that killed women all over the world is breast cancer that has noticed cancer. Usually they do not show symptoms to inform us in the early stages. Once we are aware and expanded to a distance of 3-4, the review is important and should be performed on a regular basis.

Women who are 20 years or older are at risk of breast cancer

Somsak Anakasilp, Director General of the Department of Medicine With the help of information that is currently "female" under 20 years old, there is a greater risk of breast cancer, and the company must begin to wake up and recognize this silent threat. Because if it's discovered early it will increase the chances of healing more Women of all ages are in danger of developing this disease. Everyone should always observe the disorder. And regular breast examination

How to check "breast cancer"

  1. Consider the outward appearance

Dr. Weerawut Imsamran, Director of the National Cancer Institute Used to provide information in academic articles Women can check their own breasts themselves. I'm starting to look at my chest

First position: standing in the arms near the body See both breasts of size, shape, recesses, wrinkles, color and swelling of the skin. The appearance of the warts and the milk yard turned slightly to see the sides of the chest on both sides.

2nd position: Lift both hands above your head. And move your hand up and down To observe abnormal breasts Check that the skin around your chest is caused by braces. Or how strong it is If there is a tendency to cancer You will notice that the skin is pulled to the teeth

Position 3: Take both hands and feet, then press and release. So that the chest muscles shrink And tilted forward to make it easier to observe the skin stains

  1. Palpation of the breast

The next step is Palpation of the Breast. Women can work both in sitting and sitting positions. Use the palm of your hand The middle finger and your finger in your fingers There are 3 types of breast palpation:

Go to the spiral Start feeling from the upper part of the nipple. Rotate your fingers in a circle clockwise To your chest and under the armpit

Flush up and down: palpation horizontally up and down parallel to the body (Vertical tape) Start feeling from the lower part of the breast to the bruise. Using all three fingers, touch up and down alternately going around your chest

Inflate as a radius: tangle around the chest, the radius (wedge-shaped) begins to fry from the upper part of the breast to the base. And moving your fingers from the substrate to the nipples is the radius around the chest to the area of ​​the cord and the armpits

  1. Compression of warts

Let the woman gently squeeze the wart and the nipple. To see if the water is outside or not If irregularities are detected Find medical attention for further examination

Something is wrong if you go to a doctor

When checking according to the recommended procedure, observe and unobtrusive If women are in doubt or are faced with these irregularities. You must hurry to your doctor

  • Warts were abnormally pulled.
  • Water, blood and lymph flow from the Nipple as a skin lesion, nipples
  • The skin on the chest and the base of the warts is stamped or stamped or the skin is like orange skin or wound or torn skin with water, blood and lymph.
  • Both breasts have different sizes and shapes that are not on the same level.
  • Palpation of malignant tumors, rolling or fixing on the lower tissue or pull the skin
  • Inflate on the armpit or over the bumper.

"Women" should often check their mother's milk?

  • Every day you should carry out a breast examination at least once a month to prevent breast cancer
  • The right time for review is 7 days after the menstruation.
  • There is a lump in the chest area. Not always cancer It can only be a water bag or a normal tumor
  • If you notice any irregularities, the breast area must seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Breast cancer can be cured if detected at an early stage.

How to Avoid the Risk of Breast Cancer

  • Choose to eat 5 useful foods.
  • No alcohol
  • Avoid fermented food Smoked meat dishes, grilled, fried and burned
  • Let's reduce stress
  • Regularly practice
  • The control body weight should not exceed the standard
  • Avoid using female hormones.

In addition to checking for breast milk, "women" must visit a doctor every year. And should be checked by mammography (mammography) in women over 40 years of age


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