He announced the appointment of the new President of the Nissan Motor of Thailand


Announced appointment of new President of Nissan Motor Thailand

Nissan announced the appointment of Ramesh Narasiman as President of Nissan Motor (Thailand) on April 1, 2019. Ramesh will report directly to Vincent Vienen. Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Department of Nissan Asia and Oceania And stationed in Bangkok

As president, Ramesh will be responsible for developing all of Nissan's business strategies in Thailand. To create strong operational efficiency Including managing the launch of new models On the market continuously And to strengthen the Nissan brand in Thailand to be more robust In the framework of the implementation of the medium-term plan M.O.V.E. by 2022. In addition, Ramesh will also oversee the production of Nissan vehicles in Thailand. To meet the needs of domestic and export markets in more than 100 countries around the world

"With the experience of the automotive industry And the remarkable work of the Nissan Philippines I believe in this Ramesh will be able to drive Nissan in Thailand, which is an important market and has excellent results, so that it can grow even more," said Vincent.

"Under the guidance of Anhuan Barthes, Nissan has been able to increase its market share in Thailand and is an important part of the strengthening of Nissan Thailand, which is the world's automotive production center, also for various car models," added Vincent.

Ramesh has over 20 years of experience in management and finance in the automotive industry. In Australia, China, the Philippines and England, in 2014 Ramate joined Nissan in Australia. In addition to being President and CEO of Nissan in the Philippines in 2016, Ramesh has allowed competitiveness in the market share and the highest sales growth in the Philippines. No overclocking

In addition, the current President of the Nissan Motor Thailand will take a new city in Nissan offshore. By posting details later

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