Han is convinced that "Demba Ba" opened his heart to grab the ball, slipped into Liverpool.


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Demba Ba, the former striker of Chelsea He came to talk about when Steven Gerrard pulled a ball from Stefano Gerrard to shoot at Liverpool until they won the Premier League …

On April 13, foreign news agencies reported that Demba Baba, the former striker of the "The Blue Lion" Chelsea, insists there is no sympathy for Steven Gerrard, the former captain of Liverpool. Who missed the ball and lost the ball to shoot in 2014

In the season 2013-14 Liverpool has the opportunity to win the Premier League. As it led to a crowd until the end of the season But in a home game against Chelsea, Gerrard slipped and the ball came in the direction of Notre Dame, the ball turned to the net. And this game, Liverpool lost 0-2, which became the main milestone for Reds to win the championship. And finally, when Manchester City won that year

Lastly, Demba Ba talked about this before the two teams met this Sunday, "I will say that Jose Mourinho (Chelsea then manager) had a backup team to play. There are many players who are real in this game and are not I'm not a Liverpool fan I'm not Manchester City footballer or I'm happy to have won the league. What's happening is part of the game.

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