"Hai" is very pleasant for Mom! I found Haha, who also wants to go home.


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She is called so forcefully and so fun Those who compete in four idol girls who will come in the eighties! Come on the duel! And challenge yourself in the Duet round to win the last 20 spots of the "Luk Thung Idol" program This week enjoy all kinds of fun, either happy, sad, tears and laughter that can not stop! From girls idol no. 37 Piyachat Chantasang, Na Na Mon, Ubon Ratchathani people This is how the entire studio was created when Piyachat revealed the reason for choosing the song "Because I like the football team, so I want to choose the song" Swan Fah "!!! Apaporn Nakorn Sawan he had to take his own cape to lend it and say: "Where did the group go to find such people? He can also take home Oh, she really likes mother !!!! "Come together to see if Piyachat will succeed in passing the last 20 people? This Saturday at 6:20 pm on the 7HD channel. Press 35.

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